July 23, 2014

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organisms eat each other in an environment that follows is a ???? predator/prey wheel

7th Grade Math stuffs
7+7=14 is dependent?

7th Grade Math stuffs
Okay, so like 14 is independent, and 7 + 7 = 14???

7th Grade Math stuffs
Compare probabilities of independent and probabilities of dependent events. Any examples???

Social Studies
Japan is an island country of 143,619 sq mi, which is slightly smaller than California, which covers an area of 158,706 sq mi.

Oh, and can someone explain the punnet square thing? I do not understand it. Thanks again.

So I am completely confused. I am in the process of taking a quiz and the question says "a factor that seems to disappear" my options are punnet square, heredity, dominant factor, recessive factor, alleles, or genetics??? Help please? Thanks

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