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Translate the word phrase into a math expression. Sheila buys some boxes of pens, with 20 pens in each box

four coinsare tossed hat is the probability that atleast 2 tails turn up

1. Toward what condition does diffusion eventually lead, in the absence of other influences? 2. How is osmosis related to diffusion? 3. If the concentration of solute molecules outside a cell is lower than the concentration in the cytosol, is the external solution hypotonic, h...

writing/language arts
Hey! I'm supposed to write a 3-4 page essay, describing something or someplace. So I choose my balcony.. I live on the seventeenth floor and using my 5 sense I described it as best as I could :) I was wondering if you would suggest some similes, metaphors, hyperboles, pers...

100.3 meters, if I'm not mistaken.. Well deep = 326/3.25= ~100m

thanks again!! :)

1. you randomly choose an integer from 10 to 20. what are the odds that the integer is 15 or less? 2. you toss a six-sided number cube 15 times. for nine of the tosses the number tossed was 4 or more. what is the experimental probability than a number tossed is 4 or more? plea...

2 atoms of sulfur

Simplify the expressions. 1. (-6c^2)(2c^2-3c) 2. (-5d-10d^2)(-6d^3) 3. x^3-(4x+3x^2)(x^2) 4. (-8y^2)(3y-4)+6y^2-5y^3 5. (18m/-4n) / (-1/4m) 6. (5x^2) / (2x/15) 7. (-16x+9) / (-4) 8. (-32-4x) / (-8) I don't get how to do these. Please help!! Thanks a lot!! =)

Most automobiles have water-cooled engines. What must be true about a solution that can replace water in the cooling system, such as antifreeze? I know this is the second time I'm posting this question, but it's been hours and still no one's responding. Please help...

Earth Science
A theory is a well-established principle that has been developed to explain some aspect of the natural word. A theory arises from repeated observation and testing and incorporates facts, laws, predictions, and tested hypotheses that are widely accepted. A hypothesis is a speci...

Earth Science

Earth Science
Theory, as the name suggests, is theoritical - it hasn't been proved yet... but still, it's an integral part of scientific world because scientists add on to these theories for decades before reaching onto a scientifically proved conclusion which is referred to as a sc...

Empathy: the intellectual identification with or vicarious experiencing of the feelings, thoughts, or attitudes of another. So yes, you're right. :)

thanks! =)

why are there a lot of mitochondria? please help! thnanks!

1. Time and place 2. Author 3. Audience 4. Personalities and roles (be able to identify every person mentioned in the document and his/her role) 5. Meaning and Purpose of the source/document 6. Content (be sure you understand all words and phrases, especially those that might ...

what happens if a lysosome bursts in a cell?

life science
why is camouglaging an illusion? for example, if you would please google "brimstone butterfly camouglage" [pictures], you will see that these butterflies camouflage and are green, so they look like a leave. so my question, as I stated before, is how is this an illusi...

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