February 20, 2017

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Monster college
September 21, 2016

statistics probability
Alice earned a score of 940 on an IQ test.The mean test score was 850 with a standard deviation of 100.(Assume that test scores are normally distributed). Q1a).What proportion of students had a higher score than alice? Qb)Find the score exceeded by 2.5% of the students.
November 14, 2010

(x)/(.00125-x)(.00000025-x)=Kc How do I solve for x or Kc?
February 28, 2010

5.00mL of .00500 M ferric nitrate is added to 5.00 Ml of nitric acid and 10.0 Ml of .00250 M thiocyanate solution. Calculate the initial FE^3+ concentration before reaction. I know F3^3+=Cfe-[FESCN^2+] after that I have no idea what to do. Help please?? =-(
February 21, 2010

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