August 1, 2014

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Physics Quick!!
At t = 0, a particle moving in the xy plane with constant acceleration has a velocity of i = (3.00 i − 2.00 j) m/s and is at the origin. At t = 2.00 s, the particle's velocity is = (6.60 i + 7.00 j) m/s. (Round your coefficients to two decimal places.) (a) Find the a...

Physics Quick!
An archer shoots an arrow with a velocity of 49.5 m/s at an angle of 52.0¡Æ with the horizontal. An assistant standing on the level ground 150 m downrange from the launch point throws an apple straight up with the minimum initial speed necessary to meet the path of...

Physics Quick!
A tire 0.650 m in radius rotates at a constant rate of 240 rev/min. Find the speed of a small stone lodged in the tread of the tire (on its outer edge). (Hint: In one revolution, the stone travels a distance equal to the circumference of its path, 2¥ðr.) What is the ac...

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