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A regular triangular pyramid has an altitude of 9m and a volume of 46.8cu. meters. Find the length of the edges and the lateral area of the pyramid.

The ratio of the volume to the lateral area of a right circular cone is 2:1. If the altitude is 15cm, what is the ratio of the slant height to the radius?

the volume of an equilateral triangular frustum is 183 square root of 3 cubic inches. The upper base, 9in above the lower base, has an edge which measures 8in. Compute for the edge of the lower base.

An inverted square pyramid has a height equal to 8m and a top edge to 3m. Initially, it contains water to the depth of 5m. a. What is the initial volume of the water in the tank? b. If the additional water is to be pumped into the tank at the rate of 20 gallons per minute, how...

1. Find the expense at 60 cents a square foot of polishing the curved surface of a marble column in the shape of the frustum of a right circular cone whose slant height is 12 ft. and the radii of whose bases are 3ft 6in and 2ft 4in respectively.

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