July 29, 2014

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I dont know how to this problem please help. A 10 kg object sits 5 m away from a 50 kg object. Calculate the force of attraction between the two masses

1. In which of the following cases is work done on the object? A. Lifting an object off the floor. B. Pushing an object, but it does not move C. Carrying an object at a constant velocity D. None of these 2. The energy of a system increases when A. a force is applied to it B. i...

A mover pushes a couch a distance of 4 m to the top of a ramp into the back of a truck using 500 N of force. A) What is the work input of the mover? B) What is the mover’s power if the task takes 10s? C) If the mass of the couch is 100 kg and the back of the truck is 1.5...

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