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Suppose a movie theater sold 200 adult and student tickets for a showing with the revenue of $980. If the adult tickets are $5.50 and the students tickets are $4, how many of each type of ticket were sold?

4. How many states' photographs will fill an odd number of pages? Illinois 54 divided by 6 = 9 Michigan 42 divided by 6 = 7 Ohio 30 divided by 6 = 5 Pennsylvania 18 divided by 6 = 3 So the correct answer would be 4

Felicity is deep-sea diving with two friends. Todd is exploring a coral reef 6 meters in front of Felicity, and Beth is floating on the surface directly above Felicity. If Beth and Todd are 10 meters apart, how far apart are Felicity and Beth?

Mno4- + So3-2 = Mno2 + sO4-2 (OH-) solve this redox reaction and give me the method also

If a car travels at 93km/h what rate is it traveling in km/min

general chemistry
In an appropriate reference read a dicussion of mass and volume measurements

hey im doing my science homework and i really need hel fast cuz i need a discription(definition), a sentence, and a pic. for thermal expansion, exfoliation, dissolution, oxidation, and hydrolysis i would look in my text book but none of those words are in there i know because ...

world history
What was the type of monarchy where rulers are limited by law?

The image formed in a plane mirror will be

A dentist, experimenting with a new mirror, places it 2.0 cm from a tooth and sees a reduced image located 1.0 cm behind the mirror. What is the focal length of this mirror?

liberal arts
mary and tom jointly buy the vanilla-chocolate cake for $20. Suppose that Mary values vanilla cake four times more than she values chocolate cake. Find the dollar value to Mary of each of the following pieces of the cake: a. the vanilla half of the cake b. the chocolate half o...

How was the trading indians did the same as the trading the californios did?

No you do not need to regroup

how would u responed too Adonde vas os lunes a las 8:30 de la manana?

d) key word search

Erica is playing with some regular pentagon tiles and discovers she can made a five pointed star:Explain how she can use angle measures of the pentagons to fink the angle measure of the point of the star


Given that AC and AE are common external tangents of circle G and circle D, FE = 15, GF = 3, and AG = 5, which is the length of AC?

1. What roles do the adults or older figures play in the lives of the various narrators? Select a figure from each of the four memoirs and write one sentence answering the question for each memoir.

The primary substance from which all other chemical compounds and substances are made is a____________. A) element B) compound C) mixture D) pure substance

The primary substance from which all other chemical compounds and substances are made is a____________. A) element B) compound C) mixture D) pure substance

A drawing of a deck has a scale of 1 inch equal to 5 feet. The actual deck is 18 feet long. How long is the deck in the scale drawing?

Continue from the above. If a 10 ohm resistor is connected in the secondary, the current in the secondary is____ A (give your answer in number only, no unit)


2x + y = -3

PLEASE HELP ME WITH MY ASSIGNMENT.. A store selling stationery supplies sells 50 pens at the equilibrium price. The supply curve for pens is given by QS = 40 + 6P. At the market equilibrium, the own price elasticity of the demand for pens is estimated to be -6.5. Using the pro...

the answer is 21 tests passed

The Correct Answer is: 24 orders

In the context of this passage, which of the following is a synonym for alleged?


My tens digit is double the ones digit,Iam less than 50 and greater than 40...What number am I?

I need the chapter summary for 'Strange Objects' by Gary Crew ASAP!!! Please help me!

how does the shape of a plant cell differ from that of an animal cell?


12th grade
what is the analogie for abject:miserable

what mass of acetylene, will be produced from the reaction of 90g of calcium carbide, with water inthe following reaction CaC2+2H2O-C2H2+Ca(OH)2

4th grade
But wouldn't it be (2*23) + (2*18) than?

4th grade
Can it be: (2*20) + (2*15) + (4*3)

4th grade
Mr. Kimball has a swimming pool that measures 20 feet long by 15 feet wide. He is adding a walkway around the pool that is 3 feet wide all around. What will be the perimeter of the walkway?

defintion of radius

what is the definition of sphere?

4th grade
P = 42

English 1
what would be the best punctuation for this sentence Professor Jones is running late she had to change a flat tire.

English 1
what would be the best punctuation for this sentence Professor Jones is running late she had to change a flat tire.

Social Studies
farmers grew enough food to have a blank.

7th Grade LA
the only problem is none of these haikus have the correct amount of sylables to be considered a haiku

7th Grade LA
For a poetry project i need a published haiku with an author but i am unable to find one. Do you know any?

answer to input m ___ 3 4 __ 6__ 8

what is 18 divided by 9?

i was trying to citie soomething on my book the deep south please help me

10th grade biology


Math help!
Find 12.8% of 625. Need help with answering this problem...

What is 0.25% of 3000? I'll like if you'll show me the steps on how you answered this problem.

Math Another math question???
I also need help with this question because I'm really not getting this question at this time. A paint manufacturer suggests using 1 gallon of paint for every 400 sqaure feet of wall. At this rate, how many gallons of paint woulb be required for room that has 1400 square f...

Me and Lisa have the same math homework. And I was wondering what would be the answer to this question and the steps provided to get this questions answer? A pre-election survey showed that 2 out of every 3 eligible voters would cast ballots in the county election. At this rat...

Why are mice teeth so much different than cats?

did the emancipation proclamation free slaves in the union?

Chemistry HW Help!
I really need help with the following question.... What is the volume, in liters, of 0.250 mol of hydrogen gas at 20 °C and 0.974 atm pressure? I also would like to let you know that before you can put the numbers into an equation and solve for the volume, you need to conv...

If there is a sample of pennies that has a mass of 857.2 g. What is the average mass of a penny that is 2.73 g. How many pennies are in the sample? after you get the answer you would have to(round up to the nearest whole number)

Earth space science
what human-made or natural features could interfere with weather radar

explain 3 ways heat is transferred Look up the words conduction, convection, radiation.

What was Australia's role with the U.N? And what did Dr Evatt have to do with it? Here are many websites about Dr. Evatt. Please read through many and y...

Math - Problem Solving
Make a four digit below Explain why the number is even - 5,6,7,3, _, _, _, _ How would you get this? 6573 A number is even if it't one's digit is divisible by two. Of the four numbers 5,6,7 and 3, only 6 is even, so the number must end in 6. The other digits can be in ...

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