May 4, 2016

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language arts
identify the following sets of words as subjects,predicates,or complete sentences. 1.The apple 2.broke the window 3.Telephones ring 4.Ball bounce 5.The noisy trucks 6.Fell off the chair 7.A funny clown 8.The big comfortable couch 9.Ran down the street 10.A boy ate a hot wing
August 27, 2008

yes it is B
August 27, 2008

March 12, 2008

5th Grade Math
How do you do the number five in a rectangular array
September 11, 2007

Exploring Quadratic Graphs
January 30, 2007

if i am 3 times as old as my sister and last year i was 4 times as old as her how old am i now and how old is she well how old is your sister You are 9 and she is 3 (3x3=9) Last year you were 8 and she was 2 (2x4=8) your sister is 3 and you are 9 let x = sister's age and y...
January 25, 2007

us history
Ellis focuses more intensively on the plight of the slaves than that of the Indians, but he does point out that Washington addressed their situation with the suggestion that they abandon their hunter-gatherer way of life and assimilate themselves into the general population ...
August 23, 2006

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