July 28, 2014

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Principles of Business
OK, i get the other departments wouldn't be needed then?

Principles of Business
ok so my finance department can consist of 1 person? my sales staff could be up to 10 people? there doesn't need to be a purchasing department?

Principles of Business
It's hard to explain...there will be a clothing section for my mom, a souvenir section for my friend, a karaoke and virtual dancing arcade like section for me, a food court and a lounging area for socializing purposes...I want it to become a teen or young adult spot to rel...

Principles of Business
It's a company in the making...I'm doing my Principles of Business SBA and I have to make my own business.

Principles of Business
Approximately how many people work in the: Finance Department? Sales Department? Purchasing Department? Personnel Department? Production Department? Marketing Department? Advertising Department? Legal Department? Administration Department?

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