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Don't you need either angle of the string or mass of plane or velocity to answer this question?

If a toy plane is spinning on a string 1.87 meters off the ground and the string is .5m long how long does it take to make 10 revolutions?

Calculate the pressure exerted on the floor by the heel if it has an area of 1.45 cm2 and the woman's mass is 58.0 kg. Express the force in N/m2 and lb/in

Wendy has 80 more stamps than Mary but 50 more stamps than Jean. Wendy gives 1/2 of her stamps to Mary. Then Mary gives 1/5 of her stamps to Jean. If Jean has 62 more stamps than Wendy, how many stamps does Mary have in the end?

Judy is given some money to buy files. If she buys 5 files, she will have $4 left. If she buys 9 files, she will need another $5. How much money does she have?

A firework rocket is launched vertically from rest and loses 60% of its mass during a burn time of 4 seconds. What is the final speed of the rocket relative to the ground (in m/s) when the gas relative to the rocket has a speed v= 80 m/s? a. 15 m/s; b. 34 m/s; c. 68 m/s; d. 18...

solar energy please help
c)Because the voltage difference created in the photoelectrode is not able to produce enough voltage to drive the reaction c 1.43V

Solar Energy Please Help
1a. = A 1.b = 10.4mA/cm2, 8.33% 1c = B 1d = 18mA/cm2, 14% 1f = C 1g = 18.7 mA/cm2, 15%

Solar Energy Please Help
Link doesn't works

Solar Energy Please Help
Why don't you add the missing figures 2a, 2b, and 2c

Solar Energy Please Help
It is not possible to solve the rest of the answers the figure are missing.

Solar Energy Please Help
Add the missing figures please

the area of a triangle can be determined by using the formula A= 1/2bh, where b is the length of the base, and h is the length of the height. Determine the area of a triangle with a base which is 7x to the 2nd power and a height which is 8x feet.

tree has 30 meters tall makes a shadow that is 25 meters long. at the same time Kate's shadow is 1.5 meters long how tall is Kate

Mathematica Project - Position, Velocity, and Acceleration? A rocket is fired vertically upward into the air from a launching platform 100 ft above the ground. The platform is then retracted, and the rocket is allowed to fall to the ground. The height (in ft) of the rocket rel...

what i wrote is second derivative. i just need to set it to zero and solve, but that is where i am stuck

solve for the second derivative and set to zero f"(x) = ((x^2-4)*sin(2x)- [(2x)(1+cos^2(x))]/ ((1+cos^2(x))^2) i dont know how to set it to zero and solve i get this: (x^2-4)(sin(2x))= (2x)(1+cos^2(x)) thanks for help i did not get a clear response earlier so i am reposti...

solve for the second derivative and set to zero f"(x) = ((x^2-4)*sin(2x)- [(2x)(1+cos^2(x))]/ ((1+cos^2(x))^2) i dont know how to set it to zero and solve i get this: (x^2-4)(sin(2x))= (2x)(1+cos^2(x)) thanks for help

health information
Your question is probably only properly answerable by people currently working in the field. I refer, of course to the C.D.C. (Center for Disease Control). Here is their contact info. # Centers for Disease Control and Prevention 1600 Clifton Rd Atlanta, GA 30333 # 800-CDC-INFO...

Tess, we try to help but we don't know our question askers personally so it can sometimes be frustrating. As to the question at hand I suggest calling the Auto Club (AAA) and ask to speak to a travel agent there.800-814-7471 You may get handed around the telephone tree for...

life orintation
Google: 1.Lead in drinking water, click on the W.H.O. report, go down to pages 5-10 where the effects on humans are discussed. 2.Cyanide pollution in gold mining, the top article. 3. Tritium water pollution, many of the articles are very good. 4. Plutonium nanoparticle water p...

Please do more than copy and paste answers. as Ms. Sue points out, without siting your sources you are stealing the work of others (plagiarizing). While answering questions about well researched history will be mostly referencing the work of past research and reports from the ...

Justice system
Correct. :)

life orientation
Google these subjects 1. Asthma and volcanic ash 2. Pyroclastic flows dangerous 3. Fighting malaria one net at a time

Life orientation
Horribly, there are big institutions that do support drug abuse. Here are two examples. 1) Sen. Elizabeth Warren on Thursday demanded answers from top banking regulators over the possibility of shuttering financial firms that flout federal anti-money laundering laws or violate...

life orientation
Human factors: Population density in cities, and disease transmission. Open sewers in slums. Destruction of Australia's Megafauna, and wildfires. Mining of Uranium and the health of nearby residents. Mountiantop removal, and its environmental impacts.

life orientation
Here are 5 things to enter into Google, read some of the articles you find. 1. Fraking pollutes water table 2. Acid rain 3. Fukushima radiation in the air 4. Fukushima radiation in the water 5. Light pollution alters animal behavior

Life orientation
Enter these into Google, 1. The plight of the polar bear 2. Deforestation in the Amazon 3. Arctic Wildlife Refuge oil 4. Acidification of the ocean 5. Ozone layer hole Tasmania

They did not act alone. they were encouraged by many wealthy financiers. Fritz Thyssen (a member of I.G. Farbin Industries A.G.)was one of Hitlers first backers. Media supported him, He was Time magazine's Man of the year, TWICE! (before the war). Emperor Hirohito Came fro...

...Actually I strongly recommend that you go to the nearest college, go to its bookstore, and find the used textbook area. Many times you will find great books for under 5 dollars.

I recommend: Biology: By Miller and Levine, it is well written, easy to understand, and used copies are quite inexpensive on Amazon.

Enter these into Google. 1. PDF] Aquatic Ecosystem Stressors in the Sacramento–San Joaquin Delta 2. Where have all the Salmon gone? 3. Sea Shepard 4. The extinction crisis 5. Food chain destruction

life orientation
What is "The pollution?" does your text specify the subject or will any pollutant suffice?

life orientation
Google: Environmental health hazards within Mamelodi. Many good reports and articles, and job offers too, which can give good descriptions of conditions that need addressing.

Life Orientation
Google: Environmental health hazards in South Africa, there are many good articles there. As to hazards of natural origin, I would posit: Swimming with great white sharks, being at the oceanside in Capetown during extreme weather, Living at the shore of Lake Nyos (The deadlies...

Google: Gary Null alcoholism, click the third one down, read the article.

This it an I D ten T problem, in your mind. Please seek professional help, or get a clue.

Watson I have not been on in weeks but let me edit your question... Why aren't you guys answering my questions? I posted 8 questions yesterday, and not a single one has been answered yet. Now on to why questions don't get answered, most of the time it is because people...

Grammer root
Sharp stick, dipped in mud, on a wall. Steel reinforced rubber box with wheels on one side. It's not easy, but I look cool doing it.

landmark project
Who commissioned it? How did it pay for the art it now houses? how is that art protected from the moisture in the air? Is flash photography allowed inside it?

Mabey, if the colony was in a station orbiting Neptune, it might be referred to as "The Neptune Colony". Actually being on the surface, under the atmosphere, floating on whatever is down there? That would be very hard. Ms. Sue's link should show you just how hard...

Acceptable table manners vary wildly between cultures. Burping is a compliment to the chef in Japan but rude in most other places, slurping your soup is good in some but rude elsewhere, etc.

Eating Flan with chopsticks.

Science-Greenhouse Effect
There are proponents of nuclear generated electricity that claim that the problem of greenhouse gases is lessened by using nuclear power generation. They never mention the tremendous amount of carbon added to the atmosphere during all other phases of their operation, Building ...

A lever 9.000 m in length has the fulcrum placed at one end. A load of 26.000 kN is applied to a point 2.200 m from the fulcrum. What force must be applied to the end of the lever to place the system in equilibrium?

A beam having a length of 20 metres is pivoted at its mid point. A 200 newton load is located at a point 5 m from the right hand end of the beam. A 300 newton load is located at a point 8 m from the right hand end. In order for the beam to be in equilibrium, what load is requi...

A baseball is thrown horizontally off a cliff with a speed of 7.3 ms-1. What is the vertical distance, to the nearest tenth of a meter, that the ball has fallen after 9.4 seconds?

How to multiple 250 x .25

Physics!!!Please Help!
-Steam at 100 ¡ãC is mixed with 166.4 g of ice at ¨C32.8 ¡ãC, in a thermally insulated container, to produce water at 44.6 ¡ãC. Ignore any heat absorption by the container. -Cwater = 4186. J/(kg ¡ãC) -Cice = 2090. J/(kg &...

How can I identify the ions present in (NH4)2SO4.FeSO4.6H2O qualitatively?

life orintetion
1. Not providing critical information. 2. Not providing your answers.

Great name, by the way :) Please put an asterisk by the answers you think are correct. Reposting it as a new question, with your answers, will work better than continuing it here. Question 15 made me laugh, the test writer has a great sense of humor/irony.

Natural hazards: volcanoes cause many deadly conditions, rivers flood, oceans surge, weather(too hot/cold), hail can kill/injure, wind can blow you into/off of things, lightning (direct hit/fire)... Human causes: one of the worst, Bophal, India, thousands were killed, many mor...


Newsworthy advice

Newsworthy advice~ not~
It would ~not~ be plagiarism if you cite your source. Aside from editing the awesome Ms. Sue, You might make a chart which tracks the accuracy of the initial projected effect charts of the policies, compared to their real life results.

It would seem that the missing part of your question is the _______ at the beginning of the question. Here are a few choices; random guesses spiritual mediums think tanks polls political pundits magic 8 balls :)

are frequently sponsored by news organizations, who use them to help predict outcomes of presidential or other national races.

an example of a part-whole effect question order effect is in the case which issue?

Acidification of the oceans Reduced oxygen levels in the atmosphere Sharia law in Europe Extra judicial killings by the U.S. government Tar sand mining Fraking

Combinations Maths
:) Thanks

Combinations Maths
If you are going to answer other peoples questions you need to show them your work, just posting the final answer is no help. We try to show them how to get to the answer, and if we can we don't give the final answer, they learn better if they get to it themselves.

Life orientation
See related questions below, 3rd one down.

political science
:P paragraphs

political science
I entered your question into Google and clicked on the top link.... I suggest you do the same, here are the first two paragerphs. Searching for Adequacy & Reasonableness A search for responsive discovery is reviewed on whether the proffering party has “demonstrated that i...

Monochromatic x-rays (λ = 0.166 nm) from a nickel target are incident on a potassium chloride (KCl) crystal surface. The spacing between planes of atoms in KCl is 0.314 nm. At what angle (relative to the surface) should the beam be directed for a second-order maximum to b...

Physics - Ken meets Ken
Hi Ken, I'm Ken, When I looked into "My" history of answers I was surprised to find really great questions there, which I had not posted. If either one of us changes our name that thread will be lost to the changed one. I will happily share this thread with you, ...

A pinhole camera has a small circular aperture of diameter D. Light from distant objects passes through the aperture into an otherwise dark box, falling on a screen at the other end of the box. The aperture in a pinhole camera has diameter D = 0.600 mm. Two point sources of li...

Chemsitry Nits
I lent my sleeping bag to a co-worker once, when I used it the next night I woke up suddenly, feeling something crawling in my crotch. I spent the next 2 hours picking the critters off. then I went cross eyed picking nits. I got them all. Unpicked nits can grow into a HUGE pro...

We have many people who change their names in here. There is NO way Ms. Sue could know that you are posting for two students, and you have presented with 3 names. It is not incumbent upon her to have to guess, or ask you anything. You did literally change names. She deserves a...

SOC 313
Please tell us what you think the correct answers are, so we can assist you.

NASA is a good source for new information. Also the blog ~In your face women~ is a great project in which lesser known great women of history are featured.

He removed the 6 from the 6 times y side and added 6 to the 486 on the other side. He should have divided both sides by 6.

That was my mistake, I read it as a direct quote of Fred, speaking about his own car, rather than an indirect quote. Thank you.

13. correct. 14. I agree (sight). The question takes the phrase out of context, by itself it would point to touch, but in context it was what Raja saw that bolstered his confidence, seeing that he was not the only one struggling. 15. correct. 16. the question needs a both phys...

UMD incomplete
the question is not all there.

Language Arts
14. correct 15. correct 16. while it mentions Raja's emotions the whole group is only described as under a physical challenge. 17. To persevere is to stay on task. 18. At the beginning he is afraid, by the end he has developed more confidence. 19. While his father had a li...

Yes and they try to present their ideas in such a way as to influence society's opinion into thinking that their product is essential to being complete and happy. To be without their product/service will leave one diminished/ unfulfilled/ "less than" those who ha...

health Ms. Sue please
On #1, the moment it reaches the stomach peristalsis slows or stops.


Quotation marks

Life orientation
From related questions #3 Life orientation - Ms. Sue, Thursday, May 12, 2011 at 3:09pm traffic coal and gas fired plants to produce electricity urban sprawl big lawns factory smoke industrial waste that washes into rivers fertilizer that washes into rivers To which I would add...

life orientation
Coaltan mining in Africa for mobile device parts Pharmaceuticals entering the environment through the sewers Destruction of costal wetlands by expanding cities Light pollution disrupting nocturnal animals patterns Factory farms polluting the water tables underneath them

word problem
Or to put it another way, 1/1=1 1/2 is smaller 1/3 is smaller still 1/4 is even smaller. this is because the number of pieces the whole (1) is divided into is getting larger as we go, so one of them gets smaller as the denominator gets bigger.

word problem
1/4 * 12 = ? 1/3 * 12 = ?

From public dot wsu dot edu, ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ When you mean “for example,” use e.g. It is an abbreviation for the Latin phrase exempli gratia. When you mean “that is,” use “i.e.” It is an abbreviation for the Latin phrase id est. Either can be...

Ms. Sue please science

From ucmp dot Berkly dot edu, ~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hooke had discovered plant cells -- more precisely, what Hooke saw were the cell walls in cork tissue. In fact, it was Hooke who coined the term "cells": the boxlike cells of cork reminded him of the cells of a monastery. Ho...

writeacher pls helllppp
I found this at Vitaminfix dot com Bromelain has been used and praised for over a century for its many natural health benefits. Derived from the stems and fruit of the juicy, delicious pineapple, Bromelain has been shown to greatly aide in digestion, helping the body digest an...

Sharks. Please give it a try, Chum.

You bet! Luanne is the coolest! She may inspire you to become a biochemist! :)

I cant adequately answer that, it is beyond my knowledge. I called Luanne Panessi, the best food biochemist I know and left a request for her to log in here and help you. You may do the same, or leave her your number, she will call you back when she can. Her office number is 1...

Warfarin is a blood clot preventer. Taking any substance(like bromelain)that can increase bleeding could be a disaster. In general, free radicals are chemicals with an excess of weakly bonded oxygen molecules, which can attach to the tissues in a body, oxidizing them, which ru...


It may increase the bleeding of their ulcers.

Whenever I mention Horseradish I try to include this recipe. In a food processor, blend 4-6 Beets, add horseradish until the mixture is a brilliant magenta. The flavor is Wonderful!!

Ulcers are points of rupture, which bleed.. So.... ~~~~~~~~~~~~~ People with peptic ulcers should not use bromelain. People with other digestive disorders should consult a qualified healthcare professional before using bromelain. Theoretically, bromelain may increase the risk ...

slope of the line parallel to y=6x-8

Story ( english)
Ah, I see, ...Good! :)

Story ( english)
Your typing and punctuation are not perfected yet. Neither are mine, and I used to edit a magazine. Please keep improving, the better we write the better we are understood.

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