September 22, 2014

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Algebra :]
What is the doamin and range of: y= square root of (3-2x) The domain must be non-negative when we have a square root. Thus 3x-2 is greater than or equal to 0. The range will be non-negative too. All real y =>0. verify this.
September 5, 2006

If the measure of angle A is doubled and then decreased by 10 while the complement of angle A is decreased by one-third of itself, then these two anlges formed are still complementary. Find the supplement of angle A. Please explain so i could understand. thank you ! Isn't ...
August 31, 2006

MATH Trouble
I have no idea what this problem means: For how many two-digit numbers if the ones digit larger than the tens-digit? Can you find a systematic way to arrive at the number? Ok, every 2-digit number looks like xy, where x is the 10's digit and y is the one's digit. It ...
August 30, 2006

spanish(foriegn language)
i really need help with these spanish words.i just started my first spanish class, so those who have already had spanish, it shouldnt be to hard.translate the following please: aqui,tengo(not,te llamas,soy,eres,yo,tu,? de donde?,de, ?eres tu de,and finally tengo ...
August 29, 2006

Advanced Algebra
In the definition of intercepts, it says THE y-intercept, but AN x-intercept. Sketch a graph which shows that a function could have more than one x-intercept. Explain why a fuction could not have more than one y-intercept. How about the x-axis? If it had two y intercepts then ...
August 29, 2006

I have two Chemistry related questions that were in my AP Chem summer packet. The first has to do with Stoichiometry. It says, "Calculate the number of moles, molecules, and atoms in 60.0 g of boron triflouride. I calculated that there are .885 moles, and 5.33 x 10^23 ...
August 28, 2006

what would a graph look like if.. y= (3/4)x + 2 and the domain is... x = {-8,-4,0,4,8} would it be discrete or continous? Kelly you should be able to see that the first equation is a line. You should be able to determine the slope and intercept as well. Since the domain is a ...
August 27, 2006

13.75 is the same as 12.5 plus a fraction of 12.5. What is the fraction? HELP. THANK YOU!! I would do this. 13.75 - 12.5 = 1.25 difference. 1.25 is 1-1/4 (one and one-fourth) and that is the same as 5/4. So 13.75 = 12.5 + 5/4. Check this out. 6=7\3=14
August 23, 2006

orientalism of muslim and arab american
Hahahahahahahahhaha, UOP. Me too.
August 6, 2006

business and economics
any one know the definition of: inelastic supply? core concepts? contestable? timebased pricing?
June 30, 2006

critical thinking
does anyone know where i can find the defintions of principles! the defintion of they're
June 28, 2006

math logic correction !!
What comes next in the sequence? st, nd, rd, th, __, __. Sorry about typos in previous question. th, th These are the two-letter endings to "ordinal" numbers, starting with the "first". See Thanks for your ...
September 4, 2005

math logic??
What cones nest in the sequence? st,nd,rd,th,___, ____. See my answer to the same question, which you posted twice.
September 4, 2005

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