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Elem. Ed.
Portfolios are a collaborative effort in that: A. children,teachers,and specialists can all choose samples to include in a portfolio. B. each item in the porfolio should be discussed with parents before it is included. C. teachers must have input from other teachers in the ...
April 10, 2007

Elem. Ed. Another Question
I need help with these questions to make sure I am right. If the art center is orderly and organized, children: 1.should be free to mess up the materials and use them with abandon. 2.are inhibited because the materials are too organized. 3. can find what they need and use ...
April 10, 2007

Elem. Ed.
The term "curriculum" can mean an academic area of study or: 1. a federal guideline 2. a holistic subject 3. the total program 4. a separate model Can't "curriculum" mean the total program? Generally, it means an integrated program of study. That can be...
April 9, 2007

Elem. ED.
Art and math are being integrated when students: 1. draw more than 1 picture on a page. 2. use rectangular paint pots. 3. identify geometric shapes when composing a picture. 4. insist on using the same materials as their peers. Is the 3rd answer correct? "identifying ...
April 9, 2007

Elem. Ed.
A child is waving a wet paint brush in the air, the teacher should: 1. tolerate the behavior as an expression of childhood exuberance. 2. remind the child of the rules in the art center. 3. use this situation as an opportunity to teach splatter painting. 4. consider this ...
April 9, 2007

Early Childhood Ed.
When a teacher shows children how to do a sponge painting with geometric shapes and then shows pictures of geometric shapes during group time,the teacher is probably using art to: A. create seat work B. discourage child-directed activities C. teach each ativity separately D. ...
April 8, 2007

Elem. Ed.
Which would be a way for a teacher to help students learn about aesthetics in an appropriate way? 1. creating a sensory-rich enviroment (or) 2. exposing children to convegent ideas creating a sensory rich enviroment would be the best appropriate way. Am I correct? Conventional...
April 8, 2007

Elementary Education
Which would be a good activity to develop a child's aesthetic awarness? a field trip to an arboretum or a field trip to a factory Wouldn't it be a field trip to an arboretum to see all the woody plants for scientific and educational purposes? I suspect this question ...
April 8, 2007

Cultural Diversity
Consider racial imbalances in education, the economy, family life, housing, criminal justice, health care, and politics. Of these societal challenges facing modern African Americans, which do you think are most difficult to overcome, and why? .Suggust some ideas for solutions ...
March 12, 2007

How does Fr.Giussani defines reason? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Here are some sites to help you:
January 6, 2007

geometric mean
need the geometric mean for 4 and 6
November 5, 2006

For each of the folliwng groups of animals (marine invertebrates, marine vertebrates, fresh-water animals & land animals) describe osmosregulatory probkems they face and how they cope with them? I think what you need can be found at the following 3 sites: http://en.wikipedia....
October 29, 2006

in the book Beowulf what are "the rings" whick are spoken of in the prologue I may be missing something here. The only rings I remember in the prologue is the "Breaker-of-rings" important person, or chiefian, whose job it is to break off parts of gold ...
August 28, 2005

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