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trig question
Compute inverse functions to four significant digits. cos^2x=3-5cosx cos^2x + 5cosx -3=0 now you have a quadratic, solve for cos x using the equation cosx=(-5 -+ sqrt (25 +12)/2 the back of the book says .9987+2kpi and -.09987+2kpi when i do it i dont get that answer. I get it...
April 16, 2007

solve to four decimal places 1.3224sinx + 0.4732=0 :for all real x values solve for sinx, then arcsinx. solve for sinx, then arcsinx. so its sinx= -.4732/1.3224 and i get -.36594 but how do you get the other values for a real x Ok, use your calculator. Sinx is negative in the ...
April 16, 2007

solve to four decimals places 5.0118 sinx - 3.1105=0 :for all real x values I will be happy to critique your work. Solve for sinx, then arcsinx
April 16, 2007

Compute inverse functions to four significant digits. cos^2x=3-5cosx rewrite it as.. cos^2x + 5cosx -3=0 now you have a quadratic, solve for cos x using the equation cosx=(-5 -+ sqrt (25 +12)/2
April 16, 2007

Physics - Pendulums
The problem lies in the intertia equation. You found the intertia of a disk around its center, not around its rim, as the problem calls for. The equation for inertia should be: I = 0.5mr^2 + mr^2 Therefore the coefficient when you solve should be 1.5 and not 0.5. Marianne was ...
April 12, 2007

Algebra II
State the vertex of the graph: y=2x-6x+9 ...the 2x is squared. y = 2x^2 -6x + 9 The vertex is where the function is a minimum. That would be where dy/dx = 4x -6 = 0 x= 3/2 If you are not familiar with calculus, then rewrite the expression y = 2 (x^2 -3x + (3/2)^2) +9 -(3/2)^2...
March 29, 2007

What was the first bird domesticated by man? Wasnt it the goose. But I dont know if I am right
March 28, 2007

is amaryllis flower asexualy, sexually or both? see below
March 18, 2007

is amaryllis asexualy, sexually or both? Both.
March 18, 2007

how do u calulate the percentage composition of NO2 and mgcl2 You don't. There is no NO2 in MgCl2 which should be obvious.
March 17, 2007

strontium chloride can be obtained as the anhydrous salt, SrCl2, and as the hydrates SrCl2.2H20, and SrCl2.6H20. (ArSr = 87.5). 0.323 g of a sample of strontium chloride is dissolved in water and reacted with sliver nitrate solution. The mass of sliver chloride precipitates is...
March 17, 2007

if the percent was 56 what would the fraction value be I will be happy to check your work on this. Percent means per 100, or /100
March 6, 2007

major math
which numbers are four units from -1? 3, -5 are both four units away on the real number line.Donna E. Shalala
March 6, 2007

math help major test
which numbers are four units from -1? It may help to look at a number line like the following (as an example): <--- -5 --- -4 --- -3 --- -2 --- -1 --- 0 --- 1 --- 2 --- 3 --- 4 --- 5 ---> Can you determine which numbers (both negative and positive) could be 4 units from...
March 6, 2007

56%, what would the fraction and decimal be 56/100= 23/50 .56 is a neat fraction. What does it mean? How many hundredths is .56?
March 5, 2007

56% what would thefraction and decimal be 56% = 56/100 (which can be simplified by dividing both numerator and denominator by 4). Take your best guess for the decimal equivalent. We'll tell you if you got it right.
March 5, 2007

physics-circular motion
the turntable of a record player rotates at a rate of 11 1/3. A record with a radius of 15cm is being played. a punk kid throws a piece of gum that lands right on the edge of the record. What linear distance in meters does the gum travel if it stays on the record for 10 ...
March 4, 2007

What did John Lennon fear?
February 13, 2007

Did John Lennon have any brothers or sisters =)
February 12, 2007

What kind of careers can a person with a background in geography have? Plz help. Writing a paper for it. Thanks. These sites have information about careers in geography. Look at the bottom of the page in the first site. http://...
February 10, 2007

Where are the rest stops/gas stations located along the highway? Why? Plz help, asap. Thanks so much. next to overpasses of different interstates/highways/roads (that's why gas stations are mostly on the corner of 4 way intersection in towns and such..) because it's ...
February 6, 2007

1.Name the Canadian ports that are opened all year round. 2.Which Canadian city is the eastern most provincial capital? Plz help. THANKS. Read carefully! =)
February 5, 2007

What is the difference between joining the points in a graph and drawing a smooth curve near them? Those values that haven't actually been measured can be estimated by using a smooth curve versus connecting the points on a graph.
January 17, 2007

college application short response
Thank you for anyone that helps me about my college application. (Thank you for your suggestions, Writeacher, I re-writed my paragraph.) In the space provided below, please describe which of these activities has had the most meaning for you, and why. I was elected as the ...
January 13, 2007

college application short response
I wish you could help me the short answer of my college application essay. Many thanks Question: Please briefly elaborate on one of your activities. I was elected as the President of the class of 2007 in high school. My job of being a President was to supervise students ...
January 13, 2007

College Essay
Is any one can help me to revise my college application? Thank you. Question: Please describe which of these activities ( extracurricular or personal activities or work experience) has had the most meaning for you, and why. I was used to be a President of class in high school...
January 8, 2007

Where can I find a site to translate German?
Where can I find a place to translate German? Search on google or here under foreign languages click german. Here is one translation website, but be careful -- machine translators are often inaccurate. =) Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework ...
December 18, 2006

a center for the study of navigation, shipbuilding, mapmaking, and sailing was established by________? The Royal Navy is one answer that comes to mind.
December 10, 2006

the big idea of energy
Im doing homework on burning magnesium, so mp something simular to everyone else but heres some help:- the big of idea is like the particles reacting like magnesium and oxygen to form magnesium oxide, so the particles of both reactants (magnesium & oxygen) have collided to ...
December 5, 2006

Hello, what is the format of "affiliation" in a lab report? A lab report? Are you sure this isn't a science assignment?? ??
December 5, 2006

who is juan ponce de leon grave do you mean juan ponce de loen Yes...
November 28, 2006

What is it in sherry cooking wine that makes it less effective in killing bacteria when it has a pH of 3.5, compared to a tomato, with a pH of 3.7. The bacteria is Serratia marcescens. I have been searching for the chemical compositions of both to compare and all I found was ...
November 27, 2006

A proof question
Suppose 32 = alpha*beta for alpha, beta reatively prime quadratic integers in Q[i] . Show that alpha = epsilon*gamma^2 for some unit epsilon and some quadratic integers gamma in Q[i]. If you know how , please do teach me . Thank you .
November 15, 2006

A number thoery question
Please help me! Thank you very much. Prove Fermat's Last theorem for n=3 : X^3 + Y^3 = Z^3 where X, Y, Z are rational integers, then X, Y, or Z is 0. Hint: * Show that if X^3 + Y^3 = Epsilon* Z^3, where X, Y, Z are quadratic integers in Q[sqrt(-3)], and epsilon is a unit ...
November 15, 2006

wax burning of a candle is actually a physical reaction/change not a chemical reaction/change
October 20, 2006

End behavior models
what are the left and right end behavior models of arctan(x)?
October 20, 2006

I am having trouble with independent and dependent variables. Here is a problem from my home work. Krusty Krabs Breath Mints: mr. K created a secret ingredient for a breath mint that he thinks will cure bad breath people get from eating his crabby patties. he asked a 100 ...
September 6, 2006

what is 2 plus 2? In base three, it is 11. Math has some amazing ironies, if you know it. Not knowing it is rather stifling. square root of 145 factor of 25 28 40 42 48 4
July 20, 2005

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