September 5, 2015

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the big idea of energy
Im doing homework on burning magnesium, so mp something simular to everyone else but heres some help:- the big of idea is like the particles reacting like magnesium and oxygen to form magnesium oxide, so the particles of both reactants (magnesium & oxygen) have collided to ...
December 5, 2006

Hello, what is the format of "affiliation" in a lab report? A lab report? Are you sure this isn't a science assignment?? ??
December 5, 2006

who is juan ponce de leon grave do you mean juan ponce de loen Yes...
November 28, 2006

What is it in sherry cooking wine that makes it less effective in killing bacteria when it has a pH of 3.5, compared to a tomato, with a pH of 3.7. The bacteria is Serratia marcescens. I have been searching for the chemical compositions of both to compare and all I found was ...
November 27, 2006

A proof question
Suppose 32 = alpha*beta for alpha, beta reatively prime quadratic integers in Q[i] . Show that alpha = epsilon*gamma^2 for some unit epsilon and some quadratic integers gamma in Q[i]. If you know how , please do teach me . Thank you .
November 15, 2006

A number thoery question
Please help me! Thank you very much. Prove Fermat's Last theorem for n=3 : X^3 + Y^3 = Z^3 where X, Y, Z are rational integers, then X, Y, or Z is 0. Hint: * Show that if X^3 + Y^3 = Epsilon* Z^3, where X, Y, Z are quadratic integers in Q[sqrt(-3)], and epsilon is a unit ...
November 15, 2006

wax burning of a candle is actually a physical reaction/change not a chemical reaction/change
October 20, 2006

End behavior models
what are the left and right end behavior models of arctan(x)?
October 20, 2006

I am having trouble with independent and dependent variables. Here is a problem from my home work. Krusty Krabs Breath Mints: mr. K created a secret ingredient for a breath mint that he thinks will cure bad breath people get from eating his crabby patties. he asked a 100 ...
September 6, 2006

what is 2 plus 2? In base three, it is 11. Math has some amazing ironies, if you know it. Not knowing it is rather stifling. square root of 145 factor of 25 28 40 42 48 4
July 20, 2005

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