March 1, 2017

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A fisherman has estimated that it takes 6minutes to paint each square foot of the hull of his boat. How much time should the fisherman allow for the painting of the hull, if the hull were composed of two sides, each 31.5 feet by 8.99 feet?
March 4, 2013

Algebra Grade 7
October 4, 2012

A proton has an initial speed of 3.9×105 m/s. What potential difference is required to bring the proton to rest? What potential difference is required to reduce the initial speed of the proton by a factor of 2? What potential difference is required to reduce the initial ...
February 13, 2012

A parallel-plate capacitor has plates with an area of 450 cm^2 and an air-filled gap between the plates that is 2.30 mm thick. The capacitor is charged by a battery to 570 V and then is disconnected from the battery. How much energy is stored in the capacitor? (muJ) The ...
February 13, 2012

Long, long ago, on a planet far, far away, a physics experiment was carried out. First, a 0.250 kg ball with zero net charge was dropped from rest at a height of 1.00 m. The ball landed 0.350 s later. Next, the ball was given a net charge of 7.60 muC and dropped in the same ...
February 13, 2012

Approximately 16% of undergraduates at the University have a writing score above 68 (on a 100 point scale). Note: writing scores are normally distributed. if a standard deviation is 8 what is the mean writting score
February 3, 2011

7th grade English
look through the chapters and watch the movie see if the carecters are explaned the same big events see what the biuld ups are the same little fact like that will help you big time
February 4, 2010

7th grade
first you want to explane the carecters and and see any diffrences and things in common then you want to exlain the time place and soroundings it will help you big time
January 30, 2010

everything is fine
January 28, 2010

7th grade science
4 is ur thigh mussle but idk wat eles
January 25, 2010

t tsf
September 26, 2007

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