September 23, 2014

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So... I know the answer to the question because it's something we worked on in class... but there's one part I don't get. Factoring m - 2n + m^2 - 4n^2 m - 2n + (m + 2n) (m - 2n) Then there's a 1... 1(m - 2n) (m + 2n) (m - 2n) AND my question is... How and why ...
October 26, 2006

Algebra 1
Can you help with solving equations with variables on both sides? can you post the problems, there are lots of people who can help you.
October 16, 2006

I'm having trouble with a math problem: I solved it but I have to make sure I'm right. Question: A computer was on sale at 60% off. A cash register receipt for that computer was found showing a total of $496.08 which INCLUDED TAX, but the rest of the receipt was too ...
September 19, 2006

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