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Calculate the density of a substance in pennyweights that has a volume of 0.287hogsheads and a mass of 55.25kg. 1 pennyweight= 1.55g 1 hogshead=238.5 liters 1 peck=9.091 liters Answer in pw/pk.

can someone please explain to me what happens to the mean and standard deviation of the distribution of sample means as the size of the sample decreases?

a sample of oxygen that occupies 1.00 x 10^6mL at 575mmHg is subjected to a pressure of 1025atm. what will the final volume of the sample be if the temperature is held constant? how do uu set up the equation

a sodium hydroxide solution was prepared according to the procedure outlined in this weeks experiment. This sodium hydroxide solution was standardized by by titration against exactly 10mL of a 0.28M hydrochloric acid solution. In three titrations, the volumes of the sodium hyd...

__NH3(g) + __ O2(g) → __ N2(g) + __ H2O(g) When the reaction above is completely balanced, the coefficient for NH3 will be (a) 2. (b) 3. (c) 4. (d) 6.

A researcher wants to select 6 participants from the following data set using systematic sampling. The 12th participant is randomly selected. x=(1,2,3,4...48) 1. Find all of the selected participants. 2. How would youre answer differ if the last participant were randomly selec...

college math
I assume it's .80300000

college math
convert to decimal notation. 8.03 x 10^7

college algebra
thank you

college algebra
Describe two laws of exponents and provide an example illustrating each law. Explain how to simplify your expression. How do the laws work with rational exponents? Provide the class with a third expression to simplify that includes rational (fractional) exponents

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