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what is structural unemployment?

It is not A, its D. 6,-6

describe and compare the following types of monopolies and the benefits of their existence: natural, technological and franchises. thank you

Why is jazz considered to be "American" music?

While Americans are largely unfamiliar with the folk tunes of their heritage, why do you think the people of Japan continue to perform and enjoy thiers even today?

Viscousity is a thick consistency between solid and liquid. For example, lava

name and define three rhythmic elements that composers could use in their composition. Show how each would affect the overall sound of the composition? thank you

world history
write an essay describing the theories of karl marx? i am in trouble thank you

log2(x+4) + log4(x) = 2 log2(x+4) + log2(x)/log2(4) = 2 log2(x+4) + log2(x)/2 = 2 2 log2(x+4) + log2(x) = 4 log2((x+4)^2) + log2(x) = 4 log2(x(x+4)^2) = 4 x (x+4)^2 = 2^4 x^3 + 8x^2 + 16x − 16 = 0 x = 0.718608

Currently doing the same assignment. I think that the artist attempts to create the perspective through the arrangement of the standing figures. Because Madonna is standing on a platform, her feet are higher in the painting, making her appear as if she is standing father into ...

Also, look at the horizontal lines on the grass, each is painted in a different shade of green.

Both. The parallel lines are in the front and the slanting horizontal are on the sides. Good luck.

For anyone in the future. Cubism an be considered as intellectual approach to art because artists though their way through their paintings, trying to show what they knew was there, not what they saw or felt.

Fine Arts
#2. C, page 316 of the Art In Focus book; #4. B, page 495 of the Art In Focus book; #7. A, page 389. The Painting is called The Adoration of the Shepherds, central panel of The Portrait Altarpiece. #20. A, page 446. I am 100% sure about these answers.

fine arts
Number 1 is most definitely A because they used relief sculpture to teach the illiterate followers the stories of Jesus. For essay number 3, read pages 288-89 of the Art In Focus book. Good Luck.

Fine Arts
Is it the metal relief covered in gold? Hrmony is not an element of art. The elements of art here are: Line: because the picture is covered in gold, line is the main element that contributes to the overall success of the design. Line is used to bring forth the subject of this ...

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