March 28, 2017

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solve quadiratic inequalitiy using product propertise 6xsq -x+3<5xsq+5x-5
January 10, 2016

Jeff is putting a fence around his rectangular yard. It is 50 feet long and 30 feet wide. The fence posts must be 10 feet apart. How many posts does he need? Draw a picture
May 29, 2014

Please help, I need to calculate the gradient of a straight line that passes through the points (4,3) and (10,0)
July 8, 2010

ap chem
I was absent for this info and im stuck. A)calculate the pH in an acid-base titration when 10.00mL o 1.000 m NaOH is added to 50.00 mL of 1.000m HNO2. Ka=6.0x10^-4 B) How many grams of NaC2H3O2 must be added to 500mL o 0.200m HAc to produce a buffer with pH=5? 1.8 x 10^-5 =Ka ...
June 10, 2007

Prove: (3cosx + 4sinx)^2 + (4cosx - 3sinx)^2=5 ...this is all under the square root sign. this is what i did please check. i multipied both binomials. but i get cos square x..and sincosx ..how do i combine them..please help! In this case, after multiplying binomials, there ...
March 27, 2007

ap chem
a solution is prepared by dissolving 4.87 g of sodium dichromate in 25.0 ml of water. (d=1.00g/mL).calculate a. the mass percent of sodium dichromate in the solution. b. the mass percent o water in the solution. c the mole fraction of sodium dichromate in the solution. How ...
February 20, 2007

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