September 1, 2015

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social studies
My stupid teacher says since there is seperation from church and state the president can be sword on diffrent books not including religon.He wants examples of 5 other books that may be used but i can only find people using the bible and for other political offices the karon if...
September 2, 2008

i cant add 1+1 to make it 7 and my x gril friend thinks im dumm case i cant do anythig write and i broke up with cause she was dumm and she hates math.
July 27, 2008

July 27, 2008

That's wrong! It's not right! I have been stuck on this problem for WEEKS!
June 5, 2008

"The Household sector has devoted much of this windfall gain in income towards a greater hunger for imports" When referring to a L-J (Leakages-Injections) graph will this be a change in EXOGENOUS IMPORTS or Marginal Propensity to Import? With your one-sentence ...
April 11, 2007

A fishing boat owner brings 50,000 fish to market and the market price is $4 per fish. Her average variable cost of 50,000 fish is $1 and the fixed cost of the boat is $100,000, what is her profit per fish? a)$1 b)$500 c)$5,000 d)$25,000 e)$500,000 the answer is A. $1
December 3, 2006

slow stone 3s hight
September 10, 2006

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