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the modern grocery has cashews that sell for $4.75 per lb. and peanuts that sell for $2.25 per lb. how much of each must the grocer mix to get a 100 lbs. of mixture that he can sell for $3.00 per the probrlem as a system of linear equations and solve using the metho...

URGENT chemistry
What pressure is exerted by 0.625 mol of a gas in a 45.4 L container at -24.0ºC

what do u mean

Why do gases deviate from ideal behavior at very high pressures

f the pressure of 2 L of a gas at STP doubles, the new volume would be

If the Kelvin temperature of 2 L of a gas at STP doubles, the new volume would be

I am not going to give you the answer but I will tell you how to get it all you need to do is 75/750=? (divide) then you will have your answer. I was going to just answer it for you, but the more questions I read the more I think people just want the answers handed to them. So...

Ok what have you posted every math questions just for quick answers? you need to try to research these yourself. And the people who are just giving you the answers are not helping you learn the process.

Ok to answer this question it is quite simple you need to take 19% and 70 and multiply. How you do this is .19 x 70 = 13.3 thats how you do it to come up with the answer just remember to put the decimal point in front of .19 then multiply it by 70.

This is a tough one, but if you go and look up Nixon's policies of engagement and then look up foreign policies I think you will get the answers you are looking for.

Math- fraction equations

economic systems
what are the three spin-off jobs that are directly related to the auto industry? parts manufacturer, parts distributor, body shops, glass shops, auto radio installer, designer, etc. Car washes, programmers (for auto electronics). I can list hundreds of these things. Aftermarke...

unit rate
how do you find the unit rate/3candybar for 1.00

How do I determine the tone of a sentence? And how do I change that tone. Tone: "TONE: The means of creating a relationship or conveying an attitude or mood. By lo...

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