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Why do you think some smaller businesses do not carry receivables? What difference would this make in their decision to use cash basis or accrual accounting?
January 16, 2009

world literature 210
January 14, 2009

world literature 210
Write a 350-700-word ... essay comparing and contrasting the themes and writing styles of two of the literature selections listed below. evaluate the effectiveness of both authors uses of fictional literary devices and conventions. a clean well lighted place the house on mango...
January 14, 2009

6th grade science
1. earth has only a limited amount of land, yet land is a renewable resource, why? 2. trees are renewable resources, but some forests are not, why? 3. compare and contrast minerals and ores. 4. how could using ores contribute to an increase in air pollution?
January 13, 2009

after reading the authors biographies, choose two authors and describe how you think their lives shaped stories they wrote.
January 8, 2009

i tried to find something on buttons, but i came up with nothing. sorry.
January 8, 2009

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