October 7, 2015

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Introduction to the Criminal Justice System
There is a large round up of gang members, this is a federal case but is being supported by about 50 local officers and state troopers. I need help please, coordinating he informaiton for briefing on the jprocess at the federal court building. the briefing is to detail what ...
November 30, 2006

Introduction to the Criminal Justice System
What is the federal judicial process? How do they properly process a defendant in a federal investigation? What is federal criminal pretrial process including jury selection, presentaion or evidence, jury instructions. Appreciate your help.
November 27, 2006

Introduction to the Criminal Justice System
1. How would searching baggage and people at air terminals,train stations as they board. 2. Maintaining security over large public works projects, such as wter storage facilities, nuclear power plants, electric power stations, subway terminals. Question: How would 1 & 2 ...
November 26, 2006

Introduction to the Criminal Justice System
what would two unconventional tasks related to terrorism be that the law enforcement officers have been to ask to add to their role, since 9/11. Define and describe how they relate to counter-terrorism or homeland security. Thank you for any help. Jo Searching baggage and ...
November 18, 2006

Introduction to the Criminal Justice System
To whom it may concern: There was a posting on August 31, 06 in response to "Can someone proofread before submission?" and it was posted by PsyDAG. I was wondering if someone could tell me who or where I could find the in text references? They are; Schmalleger 2005, ...
November 16, 2006

Project Management
I am confused, I would appreciate any help you could give. Would PowerPoint and excel be called project planning tools (or) would project managemetn charts such as: Gantt and Pert. I am to find two project planning tools and describe and give an example and I find the charts ...
November 13, 2006

Introduction to the Criminal Justice System
Is Common Law, Statute, and Jurisdiction sources of Criminal Law? What I have is, almost all criminal prosecutions today are based on criminal laws defined by statute rather than by the common law. That is true, because punishment is clearly stated in statue. Common law often ...
November 12, 2006

the scarlet letter genre
for me its b, coz the treatment of the protagonist came really to be felt, not a,c or d coz it tackles about the "sin" made by the 2 characters and it is oppositely to be that my othr opinion this story was made to fight against the government..try to ...
October 31, 2006

PLEASE HELP! I'm doing a physics demonstration, and in part of it I'm trying to explain why steel wool burns and normal steel doesn't. I know it's something to do with the smaller surface area and/or mass but I don't know WHY it burns because of this. Can ...
September 5, 2006

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