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1.) Find the solution set of 2sin squared θ-1= 0 if 180 degrees is less than or equal to θ is less than or equal to 360 degrees 2.) prove: 2cotθ/cot squared θ -1 = sin2 θ sec2 θ

Angular Momentum
Disregard. I found a post with it

Angular Momentum
A long thin rod of mass M = 2.00 kg and length L = 75.0 cm is free to rotate about its center as shown. Two identical masses (each of mass m = .421 kg) slide without friction along the rod. The two masses begin at the rod's point of rotation when the rod is rotating at 10....

Physics Angular Momentum
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Physics Angular Momentum
A bullet with a mass m = 4.83 g and initial speed of 330 m/s passes through a wheel which is initially at rest as in the gure. The wheel is a solid disk with mass M = 2.29 kg and radius R = 18.6 cm The wheel rotates freely about an axis through its center and out of the plane ...

r would equal that if we were looking at the momentum of the ball about the circle and not at the support point

A ball (mass m = 250 g) on the end of an ideal string is moving in circular motion as a conical pendulum as in the gure. The length L of the string is 1.67 m and the angle with the vertical is 37 degrees A) What is the magnitude of the angular momentum (kg m2/s) of the ball ab...

a mass of 0.2 kg is whirled at 12 revolutions in 2 sec in a horizontal circle at the end of o string0.8m long.(a)angular velocity (b)linear velocity (c) central acceleration (d) central force

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