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Social Studies: Jim Crow Laws
How did Jim Crow laws affect the economy?

SCI 275
I chose raw carrots as my vegetable. According to the chart, the energy gained compared to the energy lost was 10% gained to 90% lost. I would say this is clear evidence that humans need to consume foods closer to the bottom of the food chain so a higher amount of the original...

how do I punctuate this sentence? The goose bit the mailman on the leg.

Math question
How many 3by3 tile would it take to install a 12by18 floor.

sqrt of x-1=x-3 square both sides. Gather terms, factor or use the quadratic equation. I will be happy to critique your work.

(2x^sqrt of 2x)(3^sqrt of 5x)

A current of 2.50 A is passed through a solution containing Cu+2 ions for 4.00 hours. Calculate the mass of Cu atoms that form at the cathode. Charge= current*time Convert the charge in coulombs to number of electrons. Since it takes two electrons per Cu+2 atom, divide the num...

How much electric charge is needed to produce 1.000kg of Na metal from the Na+ ions in NaCl? You need one electron per atom. How many atoms are present in 1kg of Na? Use avagradros number. To change to coulombs, remember that 1 electron= 1.6E-19C

1,3,4,6 = 24 USE NUMBERS ONCE YOU CAN + / * OR -.

human reason wedded to truth Is this a question? Are we supposed to somehow metaphysically know the question associated with this? Do you have any thinking on this matter? The "truth" is "human" and "reason" are very seldom associated much less &q...

Describe the climate and physical characteristics of that biome and the types of organisms that live within it. Give examples of and describe symbiotic relationships between those organisms. Be sure to include at least one example from each of the following: parasitism, mutual...

For a dried flower arrangement, customers can choose from 2 types of containers, 3 sample designs, and 2 sizes. How many different arrangments does the shop offer? please post if possible in the by midnight tonight. Thank you

Math [Probability]
I'm in a Grade 12 Data Management Course. The Current unit is Factorials and Permutations. I'm having a trouble with this question. The answer is suppose to be 120 but I dont know how. How many different ways can 6 people be seated at a round table? Explain your reason...

I need to know how to calculate what percentage of a number is to another. let me make that clearer, 35 is what percent of 48? how is that calculated? What you are asking is this: 35 is to 45 as x is to 100 or 35/48=x/100 solve for x x=.729 Now to get % you must multiply x by ...

unscrambling word
can not unscramble this math word mmttuoaeive

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