November 24, 2015

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a sudden change in the wind direction,air temperature, and cloud cover most likely signals a change in- A. climate B.landforms C.seasons D.weather It is not climate or landforms. Seasons wont have Sudden changes. sdjvbwudgv tg
October 12, 2006

I am writing an essay on "No Exit" by Jean-Paul Satre. The question is: How does the author's manupulation of time contribute to the effectiveness of the work as a whole. Do not just merly summerise the plot. I know that time in Hell is suspended/ halted. HOW is ...
October 11, 2006

where can i find info about amber due 2morrow please help http://www.emporia.edu/earthsci/amber/amber.htm
October 9, 2006

what does the mineral amber look like? in words please http://www.answers.com/amber =)
October 9, 2006

The three vectors have magnitude a =3m, b= 4m and c=10m . On the x axis is vector a at 0 degrees then 30 degrees is vector b then 120 degrees is vector c. If vector c =p*vector a + q*vector b .What are the values of p? and q? I am expose to get -6.67 for p and then 4.33 for q...
October 6, 2006

Identifying controls and Variables
i want the answers!!! ugh i hate homework
October 1, 2006

solar system
What is pluto's diameter? http://www.solarviews.com/eng/pluto.htm About half-way down the page. About 22?? km but I forget the exact number. Pluto's equitorial diameter is ~3107 miles thanks so much
October 1, 2006

Science - Solar System
The sun contains 99.85 percent of the mass of the entire solar system. How does the mass of the Sun compare to the masses of the planets in the solar system? See answer #2 on the link below. http://www.newton.dep.anl.gov/askasci/ast99/ast99227.htm Thank you DrBob222. This ...
September 28, 2006

The electronic balance displays the mass of an apple in kiograms(0.1). What is the mass of the apple? Suppose a recipe for applesauce called for one kilogram of apples. About how many would you need. If the balance says it has a mass of 0.1 kg then that is the mass. You might ...
September 28, 2006

The x component of vector A is -25 m and the y component is 40m a) what is the magnitude of vector A b)What is the angle between the direction of vector A and the positive direction of x? I got a) as 47.16m by for b) I am having trouble I should be getting 122 degrees for the ...
September 27, 2006

What are the a) x components of a verctor a in the xy plane if its direction is 250 degrees counterclockwise from the positive direction of the x axis and its magnitude is 7.3m? b) the same question as above but for the y component of the vector a. In the book it says that the...
September 27, 2006

A red train traveling at 72 km/h and a green train traveling at 144 km/h are headed toward one another along a straight, level track. When they are 950m apart, each engineer sees the other’s train and applies the brakes. The brakes decelerate each train at the rate of 1 m...
September 18, 2006

A parachutist bails out and freely falls 50m. Then the parachute opens and thereafter she decelerates at 2 m/s^2. She reaches the ground with a speed of 3m/s. a) how long is the parachutist in the air? b)At what height does the fall begin? for a) would I use x-x0 =vt-1/2 at^2 ...
September 17, 2006

A stone is thrown vertically upward. On its way up it passes point A with speed, v and point B, 3 m higher than A, with speed 1/2v. Calculate a) the speed v and b) the max height reached by the stone above point B. I can't find the equation You need to derive the solution ...
September 17, 2006

how do you think slavery influenced the evolution of both black and white america today? is there any websites that might help me with this question? As I was starting to answer your question, I had a conversation with BobPursley. He has summed this answer up better than I ...
September 12, 2006

Dave & Jim separated the peanuts they had collected into two piles. One pile was for doubles (2 peanuts inside) and the other for triples (3 peanuts inside). When they finished shelling peanuts, Dave & Jim had 35 shells and 78 peanuts. How many shells were double? Looks like a...
August 29, 2006

how do you solve 9x=6 9x=6 Divide both side by 9. (Remember you can add, subtract, multiply, etc but do to both sides what you do to one.) 9x/9 = 6/9 The 9's divide out on the left leaving x. x = 6/9. I will let you reduce the answer. divide by 9 on both sides and then ...
August 24, 2006

A mass is dropped from a height of 30m, and at the same time from ground level (and directly beneath the dropped mass), and another mass is thrown straight up with a speed of 15 m/s. a) How far apart are the two masses after 0.5 s? b) Will the massses ever meet or pass each ...
August 22, 2006

I need info on crank and winder system and belt drive system please QUICK!!! How does the air conditioner on your car get power? Do you have any wind up clocks in your house or travel kits? What kind of info do you need?
August 19, 2006

do you think a bias makes a source useless? I don't think bias makes a source useless. We need to know how other people think -- and a biased source provides this information. In order to come to rational and objective conclusions, we need to read and hear facts plus many ...
July 9, 2006

social studies
What are the ways to protect the Kailashanth temple and what is the need to preserve and protect it. Also what were the materials used to build it? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. First of all, be sure you are spelling the name of the temple correctly. This...
June 21, 2006

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