March 25, 2017

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a giant robot tosses a ball up, from a height of 80 meters, with an initial velocity of Vo = 60 m/s, use 10 m/s^2 as the acceleration due to gravity. what will be the minimum velocity of the ball and when and where will that occur? [i don't know how you would find that.] ...
October 9, 2007

in a lecture demonstration, a 3.0-m-long vertical string with ten bolts tied to it at equal intervals is dropped from the ceiling of the lecture hall. the string falls on a tin plate, and the class hears the clink of each bolt as it hits the plate. the sounds will not occur at...
October 6, 2007

a car is traveling at 40.0 m/s. the drivers sees an emergeny ahead and 0.50 s later slams on the brakes. the acceleration of the car is -4.0 m/s^2. a. what distance will the car travel before it stops? b. if the driver was able to apply the brakes instantaneously without a ...
September 30, 2007

do these sentences make sense: we had to wean him off of seafood because we found out he was allergic to shellfish. the team groused at frank for having to run 8 laps around the field.
September 29, 2007

what kind of errors of the procedural, systematic, and random errors could possibly occur while finding the mass of a burning candle by placing a candle on an electronic scale and lighting it?
September 13, 2007

does this sentence using the word aberrant make sense: i had an aberrant day today.
September 8, 2007

what are the merits and drawbacks of using a person's foot as a standard? keep in mind that it is advantagous that fundamental standards be accessible, invariable, indestructible, and reproducible.
August 30, 2007

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