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can anyone tell me what "host liability" mean? I already looked in the dictionary but it's not there
September 9, 2007

1. What are the advantages of our current tax system? What are the disadvantages? 2. What groups are hurt most by a “flat tax?” What groups profit the most? 3. Explain what tax deductions, tax credits, and tax shelters are (look them up if necessary). Why has the ...
August 24, 2007

i doing for this too is was very hard
August 23, 2007

Algebra :P... again
Hi! Sorry.. but 1 more question? Direction: Find the domain of the function. Problem: y = - 1 0 / 1 1 - x [A] All real numbers except x= -11 [B] All real numbers except x= 0 [C] All real numbers except x= 10 [D] All real numbers except x= 11 Also.... if the person answering ...
August 20, 2007

Hi! My name is Jason... today I have 2 problems for you both having to deal with Algebra. My questions are ::: Question 1 :: Direction: Find the degree of the polynomial. Problem: - 1 + 8 x ^ 4 - x ^ 2 (negative 1 plus 8x squared minus x squared) Question 2 :: Classify 1 6 + 5...
August 20, 2007

What is the purpose on DNA This is a very interesting article on the purposes of DNA. (Broken Link Removed)
July 27, 2007

class professor {}; class teacher : public virtual professor {}; class researcher : public virtual professor {}; class myprofessor : public teacher, public researcher {}; Referring to the sample code above, if an object of class "myprofessor" were created, how many ...
July 25, 2007

solve the equation x^3-5x^2-4x+20=0 I need a hint on how to solve this Look for the first root by graphical means or trial-and-error. Note that when x=2, x^3-5x^2-4x+20 = 8-20 -8 +20 = 0. Therefore 2 is one root and x-2 is a factor. Next, divide x-2 into x^3-5x^2-4x+20 using ...
July 8, 2007

1 whole
July 6, 2007

How would you use a pulley system with one rope to pull at a single item at two points simultaneously? The free ropes of two block and tackle pulley systems could be joined to pull an object in two places. Or you could just hang a rope over two pulleys on a ceiling, tie both ...
June 13, 2007

how does a vcr work through electromagnetism? please give me some links.
June 4, 2007

If some one can get me started, I should be able to graph this. MONTGOMERY COUNTY COMMUNITY COLLEGE MAT106 SUMMER, 2007 ASSIGNMENT #1 NAME______________________________ The Wellbuilt Company produces two types of wood chippers, Deluxe and Economy. The Deluxe model requires 3 ...
May 30, 2007

what scenes from othello would any of you recomend for my school movioe? I think that Act 3, Scene 3 would be a fun one to do.
May 26, 2007

a diagram of the net of each of the following solid cube, cuboid, cylinder,cone, prism, pyramid and sphere. See response to your second post.
May 25, 2007

types of prism and pyramid. See response to your second post.
May 25, 2007

draw a table illustrating the number of edges, face, vertics each of the following solid have cube, cuboid, cylinder, cone, prism, pyramid, sphere. I searched Google under the key words "geometric solids" to get these possible sources:
May 25, 2007

cube, cuboid, cone, prism, pyramid, sphere. (Differentiate between the regular and irregular) See following response to your post. Thanks for asking.
May 25, 2007

social studies
What is a person called who is appointed to take care of a community's daily business? a city manager?? Mayors are usually elected, but city managers are usually appointed by the mayor and/or city council. =) my guess would be a mayor, but it's just a guess.
May 23, 2007

Chemistry II
Forgot to account for an additional -286 kj when calculating the heat of combustion for H2 (you have two moles of H2 in the combustion equation, not just one). The final answer should be -158 kJ/mol.
May 20, 2007

K so this time it is basic concept and I am suppose to guess what happens, so I've written the cause but I have also written my answer to the reaction and effect. so for: A + B <=> C stress: A is increased reaction: forward effect:[A]increased [B] inc [C]inc Stress: ...
May 16, 2007

If I had an equilibrium of CH3CO2(aq) + H(aq) <=> CH3CO2H(aq) and the applied stress was HCl and NaOH what observations should I expect and what direction would the equliibrium shift? Same goes to this question equilibrium:Fe(aq) + SCN(aq) <=> FeSCN(aq) the ...
May 16, 2007

Wondering If I did this correctly so far 50.0 ml of a 0.0500 M solution of lead (II) nitrate is mixed with 40.0 ml of a 0.200 M solution of sodium iodate at 25°C. Calculate the Pb2+ and IO3- concentrations when the mixture comes to equilibrium. At this temperature the Ksp ...
May 14, 2007

interactmath do.t c.o.m. i m in calc.2 and still use it
May 13, 2007

How do I construct an ICE table for this question. CH3COOH + NaOH --> CH3COONa + H2O Fill in the equilibrium line of the table. [Think about the initial pH and think about the pH at the end point of the titration. Initial pH 2.72 When the solution turned pink pH was 8.49 I ...
May 9, 2007

I was looing over this question and the answer I got was not correct, I noticed that somone already posted this question up before but maybe if I provide the answer I could get an understanding of the steps. @462degrees the reaction heat + 2NOCl <=> 2NO + Cl2 has an ...
May 8, 2007

Public Policy
Drawing on the courses in the public policy stream of the curriculum, answer the following question. Assume you have been asked to set up a policy analysis unit in the state of Ohio. The unit will report directly to the Governor and will be responsible for the analysis of the ...
May 8, 2007

What happens to the equlibrium constant if the pressure increased? the Kc of 2NH3<=>N2+3H2 is 0.03 N2 is (0.1M) H2 is (0.3M) NH2 is (1M) The equilibrium constant is just that, a constant, and is not subject to change with pressure changes. It will change with temperature...
May 3, 2007

A sample of charcoal in 1995 has a 14C activity of 7.35dpm g^-1. What are tje age of the charcoal, the corrected age (years BP) and the age corrected for variations in solar activity (if possible)?
May 3, 2007

Thallium (I) iodate is only slightly soluble in water. Its Ksp at 25°C is 3.07 x 10-6. Estimate the solubility of thallium iodate in units of grams per 100.0 ml of water. TlIO3(s) <==> Tl^+ + IO3^- Let x = molar solubility of TlIO3. The x is molar solubility of Tl^+ ...
May 2, 2007

You can use the known value of osmotic pressure (0.305 atm) to solve the equation pi=i(MRT) where (i) is Van 't Hoff factor (1 since insulin is not ionic) R is the constant 0.0821 L atm / K mol, and T is temperature in Kelvin. So solving you get: 0.305=1(0.08206)(298) 0....
May 1, 2007

im not sure what a exponential growth pattern is and I need to find a pattern, than describe it
April 23, 2007

The first step of the synthesis is described by the reaction below. When 1.200 g of Fe(NH4)2(SO4)2 6H2O is mixed with 13 mL of 1.0 M H2C2O4, the theoretical yield of FeC2O42H2O is ? grams im not sure what to do. do u convert 1.0M to grams first? by multiplying .013 L thx First...
April 22, 2007

UNSCRAMBLE 33 letters to make 9 words
April 16, 2007

If x,y > 0 and the x³y³ term of (x + y)^6 is 20, then y^-3 equals:
April 4, 2007

Suppose A,B, and C are positive integers such that 24/5 = A + 1/B+1/C+1 The value of 1A + 2B + 3C equals: (A) 9 (B) 12 (C) 15 (D) 17 (E) 20 hey i am trying to solve the problem, is it written like A+1 _____ B+1/C+1 A + 1 ______ B + 1 ____ C + 1 sorry it sort of doesnt make ...
April 4, 2007

finding the angles of triangles What triangles?
March 29, 2007

how solve right triangles Using the pythagorean theorem a^2+b^2=c^2 helps if you're looking for a side.
March 29, 2007

The length of a rectangular playing feild is 5ft lessthan twice the width. If the perimeter of the playing field is 230ft, what is the length of the playing field. x=length y=width we know: 2x+2y=230 x+5=2y Solve using systems. Easiest is to substitute x+5 for 2y into the ...
March 28, 2007

How do i solve this problem? 2(x-3)-3(x+5)=3(x-2)-7 what are the steps to solving this equation? HELP!!! Multply out the parentheses and then combine terms First step: 2x - 6 -3x -15 = 3x -6 -7 -x -21 = 3x -13 Nox add x + 13 to both sides of the equation -8 = 4x One more step...
March 22, 2007

name 4 types of insects that live in ponds and what they feed on. Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under the key words "pond insects" to get these possible sources:
March 12, 2007

Here's a chalenging one that i can't do at all. A deck of cards has 6 yellow, 6 green, and 5 black cards. You pick four cards from the deck. Cards are not returned after they are picked. What's the probability of picking- first not green, second not green, third ...
March 9, 2007

Please remove this.
March 7, 2007

Hi, I would like your opinion(s) on this essay that I wrote regarding Greek mythology. Jason Berlinsky Mr. Canzano English 1H 28 February 2007 Women in Greek Mythology
March 7, 2007

In a study, a few students did the number Stroop and color Stroop. They showed much less interference on the numbers than they did on the color task. Why does this make sense? Please check these sites. If you post your answer, we'll be glad to comment on it. http://www....
March 6, 2007

pre cal
I'm sorry, i didnt understand what you did. Can you explain it step by step
March 5, 2007

pre cal
write the standard form equation of the parabola with vertex (-2,-2) that goes through point (-1,0) y= a (x-b)^2 + c b has to be -2, that gives the shift to the left. y=a( x+2)^2 + c when x=-2, y=-2, that makes c -2 y=a( x+2)^2 -2 finally, put the point -1,0 in to find a.
March 5, 2007

The molar mass of a non-dissociated, non-volatile compound is to be determined by dissolving 5.00 g of the compound into 50.0 g of benzene. The freezing point of benzene was lowered by 2.5 degrees C. The freezing point depression constant (Kf) for benzene is 5.0 degree C/molal...
January 31, 2007

Two Flasks containing the same inert gas are at the same temperature and pressure of 800 mmHg. One flask has volume of 1.0 L and the other, a volume of 2.0 L. Enough volatile liquid is injected into each of the flasks to allow phase equilibrium to be established. No leakage ...
January 31, 2007

Two flasks containing the same inert gas are at the same temperature and pressure of 800. mm Hg. One flask is injected into each of the flasks to allow phase equilibrium to be established. No leakage occurs. If the pressure in the 1.0 L flask is 900 mm Hg, what is the pressure...
January 31, 2007

In my problem i need to find the mass of Ag in AgNO3. I have 3.489g of AgNO3. Help please! Determine the percentage composition from the formula. PercentAg= atomicmassAg/molmassAgNO3 Then, mass Ag= 3.489 * decimal percent above.
January 28, 2007

The demand for widgets (QX) is given by the following equation: QX = 425-PX¡V1.5PW¡V1.25PG+0.8PY+0.1 M where QX= number of units of widgets sold per week PX = the price of widgets = 400 PW = the price of woozles = 50 PG = the price of gadgets = 80 PY = the price of...
January 25, 2007

Thank you also. I am an Axia student in need of help with the same questions. I found your response to be the most helpful. I hope by now that you have beat that cold.
January 7, 2007

The Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale (WAIS) is a common "IQ test" for adults. The distribution of WAIS scores for persons over 16 yrs of age is approximately Normal with mean (100) and Standard Deviation 15, (a) Whatis the probability that a random chosen individual...
December 5, 2006

a poster is 25cm taller than it is wide. it is mounted on a piece of cardboard so that there is a 5cm border on all sides. if the area of the border alone 1350cm^2, what are the dimensions of the poster? It is almost a must to draw a diagram but I can't do that on the ...
November 29, 2006

define Autotroph- Heterotroph- Herbivore- Carnivore- Omnivore- Decomposer- Scavenger- Bacteria- use an online dictionary
November 19, 2006

outback question
what are alot of the animals names in the outback. i need this question answered because i cant find it in textbooks or internet.
November 19, 2006

Hey just needed some pointers on the following questions. True or False? Explain.. 1. As long as the firm has to pay for an input, it would be wasteful not to use all input services purchased? 2. A profit-maximising competitive firm will never produce in the region where ...
October 11, 2006

word problem!!!!!!!
three people decide to share the cost of a yacht. by bringing in an additional partner, they can reduce the cost for each by $4000. what is the total cost of the yacht? $16,000 okay how did you get that. easy i multiplied 4,000 multiplied by 4 ... it says that the cost for ...
September 12, 2006

A car traveling 56 km/h is 24 m from a barrier when the driver slams on the brakes. The car hits the barrier 2s later a) what is the car's constant deceleration before the impact? b)How fast is the car traveling at impact? I don't get the impact parts... I think you ...
September 12, 2006

Sitting on a horizontal track is a mass of 10kg. One end of the track is raised untill the mass just begins to slip. If the coeffieient of static friction is .4 what is the minimum angle at which the mass begins to slip? The component of force down the slope: mgSinTheta THe ...
August 22, 2006

If you paid 2,000 a month or 24,000 a year on 200,000 dollars at 5.00% what formula would you use to calculate the interest paid? Thanks The first year you'd pay $10,000 (.05 x $200,000) in interest. The remaining $14,000 of your payment would be applied to the principle. ...
August 3, 2006

Say i have a mortgage of 200,000. One bank offers 5.oo%. The other offers 5.23% How do i calculate the interest paid over say 5 yrs. thanks You haven't given us enough information to calculate the interest. You need to know how much you're paying each year on your ...
August 3, 2006

Calculate the output of a tidal barrage in mega watts if the basin is 30km2 and the tidal range is 6m. E = PA R^2g/2 P = 1020Kg m-3 g = 9.81m-2 R = 6m A = 30*10^6 The answer is 5.4*10^12j butwhat is this in mega watts Thank you jason If you use an area of A = 30*10^6 m^2, in ...
July 9, 2006

free-fall graph
for a object in free-fall what will the acceleration (cm/sec2) on the y axis versus time(sec) on the x axis graph look like? When there is no frictional air resistance, the acceleration is constant: 9.8 meters per second per second. Air resistance causes a gradual reduction of...
June 12, 2006

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