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Physics please help?????
Two small spaceships, each with mass m = 2000 kg, are in the circular Earth orbit of the figure, at an altitude h of 450 km. Igor, the commander of one of the ships, arrives at any fixed point in the orbit 90.0 s ahead of Picard, the commander of the other ship. At point P in ...

How to solve quadratic equation by graphing x^2-5 + 4= -2

Ap bio
When an amount of heat is transferred at a steady temperature, what happens to the entropy of the system gaining the heat? a.It decreases. b.It increases. c.It is lost to its surroundings. >>> d.It is unchanged.

if a triangle has legs of 9in. and 12in. What is the length of the hypotenuse

Can you help me find the next 2 terms in the sequences? 1, .025, .1 repeating, .0625,.04 2root2, 4, 4root3, 8root3, 8root15, 24root10

A car that decreases its speed from 100 km/h to 20 km/h undergoes ______ acceleration.

another precalc word problem
The Cruiser Bicycle Company makes two styles of bicycles: the Traveler, which sells for $200, and the Tourister, which sells for $600. Each bicycle has the same frame and tires, but the assembly and painting time required for the Traveler is only 1 hour, while it is 3 hours fo...

Systen of Equalities
Which term best describes the solution of the situation represented by the system of inequalities? (Assume that x >= 0 and y >= 0.) x + 2y <= 4 x – y <= 1 f(x, y) = 3x + 2y The terms are one optimal solution unbounded infeasible alternate optimal solutionss

It doesn't say :/

Roland's Boat Tours sells deluxe and economy seats for each tour it conducts. In order to complete a tour, at least 14 economy seats must be sold and at least 5 deluxe seats must be sold. The maximum number of passengers allowed on each boat in 45. Roland's Boat Tours ...

ap us gov and politics
In the last half of the twentieth century, voter turnout in federal elections has declined. During the same period, voter turnout has been higher in presidential elections than in midterm elections. (a) Identify two factors that have contributed to the overall decline in turno...

ap us gov and politics
Political institutions can present both obstacles and opportunities to racial minority groups in their efforts to gain political influence. (a) Identify one feature of one of the following and explain how that feature has presented obstacles to racial minority groups in their ...

chem - dry ice activity
does the dry ice disappear more quickly in air or in water? can you explain why? supplement your explanation with a drawing of molecular behavior based on kinetic molecular theory What do you think and why? We shall be happy to critique your thoughts. The dry ice disappears mo...

chem - dry ice activity
when the dry ice is in the water it occasionally makes a popping sound. how can you explain that? I expect you are hearing the stress fractures of the dry ice crystals. The same thing happens when you take VERY cold ice cubes from the refrigerator, place them in a glass, then ...

chem - dry ice activity
when you add dry ice to water, it seems to boil. why is that? You are then transfering heat from the liquid water to the solid dry ice, which sublimes gaseous CO2 into the water.

chem - dry ice activity
why does the dry ice form clouds of white vapor, especially when you blow on it? what is the vapor composed of? The vapor is water vapor, condensed, as a fog.

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