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How do you solve an eguation with 2 variables? You have to have two independent equations to solve for each of the variables.
March 3, 2007

Which sentence is correct? 1. Donna is taller than I. 2. Donna is taller than me. No one at school is sure about this answer. Donna is taller than I. If you say it from your perspective you would say: I am taller than Donna. Not, Me is taller than Donna. er woops, i mean I am ...
February 28, 2007

I - 127
February 8, 2007

so when is the velocity zero then?
February 1, 2007

find a solution for this problem: (2,4), 1/2 = y I do not understand your notation. Are you looking for a function y(x) that goes through the point (x=2, y=4), and has slope 1/2?
November 30, 2006

I asked about this earlier and got an answer that caused me to rethink my process. Is this a good way to measure iron corrosion: weigh a nail, put it in water and let it rust, remove the rust (in my experiment the rust has come off easily, with just a wipe), and weigh it again...
November 26, 2006

I am doing an experiment about rust. I need a way to measure the rust that grows on various nails submerged in glasses of water (and other stuff). My plan is to use an analytical balance, measure nails with no rust and the nails after rusting and the second weight should be ...
November 25, 2006

a line through ( 0,13) is 5 units from the origin in quadrant 1. find the equation. please help me thanks!
November 18, 2006

famous australians
What are the sites for Sally Morgan. Here's a ...
November 4, 2006

How far (in meters) above the earth's surface will the acceleration of gravity be 18.0 % of what it is on the surface?
October 16, 2006

Physical Chemistry
The measured osmotic pressure of seawater is 25 atm at 273K. a.) What is the activity of water in seawater at 273 K? Take the partial molar volume of water in seawater to be 0.018 M-1. b.) The vapor pressure of pure water at 273 K is 4.6 torr. What is the vapor pressure of ...
October 12, 2006

what is a hoodoo and what does it look like This site has pictures as well as an explanation of hoodoos. definitions of-cell,enzymes,glucose,lifecycle,liter,mass,matter
October 2, 2006

novel= death on the ice
summary of the book
September 22, 2006

IN ART & DESIGN CAN YOU TELL ME WHAT A RECTANGLE WITH THE WORD "LINE" INSIDE IT MEANS? Since this is not my area of expertise, I searched Google under many different key words, but I couldn't find any applicable sources. Sorry that I could not help. Thanks for ...
September 7, 2006

1.What is the effect of immmigration in future size in composition in United States? 2.What is the influence of immigration on the overall economy? 3.What is impact of immigration on federal,state and local government? pls..if who knows,pls answer it..i need some help im ...
August 31, 2006

journal,im confuse
should electives be mandatory or not? i.e. should art or music be subjects for students to take all 4 years even if they dont like them or not good at them? And what do you want us to do? We try to assist students. Are you to write a journal entry? yes....... whats ur email ...
August 31, 2006

Describe the differance between chemistry and chemical technology. Technology is the making of applications. Chemical technology...making chemicals for practical or commercial purposes. Chemistry...the study of materials, their reactions
August 16, 2005

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