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R,O,C,A are the midpoints of the sides of the rhombus DJSB. if DJ= 16 sq rt of 2 cm and d=120 degrees, what is the perimeter of ROCA?
January 23, 2016

what is a minor transtion of a text?
June 24, 2015

English 9
I thought it was A but wasn't sure thoughts?
March 13, 2015

English 9
. Read the following line from Romeo’s monologue in Act II, Scene 2 of Romeo and Juliet, where Shakespeare employs personification: Arise, fair sun, and kill the envious moon, Who is already sick and pale with grief, That thou her maid art far more fair than she: Be not ...
March 13, 2015

Creative Title Help
What would be a creative title for an essay paper over the causes of wildfires?
October 12, 2014

As the administrative assistant, the clinical assistants have asked you to clarify this assignment. What should the administrative assistant and the dentist do to rectify this situation ?
August 7, 2014

Science 207
the hotter the more evaporation will happen but the colder the less evaporation will happen. Molecules move faster when the temperature is increased Molecules move slower when the temperature is decreased
May 26, 2014

For vocabulary workshop, Unit 11 # 19. Her ability to _______ the words and gestures of prominent Americans makes her an excellent comic impressionist. Is the answer: parody ???
March 2, 2014

1. On July 1, 2010, Harris Co. issued 6,000 bonds at $1,000 each. The bonds paid interest semiannually at 5%. The bonds had a term of 20 years. At the time of issuance, the market rate of interest was 7%. Harris uses the effective interest rate method to amortize bond premium ...
December 27, 2013

science plz help right now!!!!
Arianna is right! Thanks so much, I could have missed 4 questions.
December 16, 2013

The ratio of apples to oranges at a fruit stand is 4 to 5. There are 60 oranges at the stand. How many apples are at the fruit stand?
November 21, 2013

In a survey of 1233 people, 917 people said they voted in a recent presidential election. Voting records showed that 72% of eligible voters actually did vote. Given that 72% of eligible voters actually did vote, find the probability that among 1233 randomly selected voters, at...
June 15, 2013

An engineer is going to redesign an ejection seat for an airplane. The seat was designed for pilots weighing between 140 lb and 181 lb. The new population of pilots has normally distributed weights with a mean of 146 lb and a standard deviation of 28.9 lb. A) If a pilot is ...
June 15, 2013

In a genetics experiment on peas, one sample of offspring contained 421 green peas and 166 yellow peas. Based on these results, estimate the probability of getting an offspring pea that is green. Is the result reasonably close to the value of 3/4 that was expected ?
June 13, 2013

The probability of a randomly selected car crashing during a year in a certain country is .0479. If a family has three cars, find the probability that at least one of them has a car crash during a year.
June 13, 2013

Sorry, forgot the last line - Find the probability that not enough seats will be available.
June 12, 2013

An airline has a policy of booking as many as 17 persons on an airplane that can seat only 16. (Past studies have shown that only 89% of the booked passengers actually arrive for a flight.) Find the probability that if an airline books 17 persons, not enough seats will be ...
June 12, 2013

How do I figure out the answer to this ? It's been a while since I came across one like it; On a test, 6.25% of the questions are answered incorrectly. If 5 questions are answered incorrectly, how many questions are on the test ?
May 25, 2013

third one is 0.55
May 19, 2013

math 5th
a rectangle playground has an area of 3,450 square meters. if the width of the rectangle is 35meters.find the length?
February 12, 2013

AP Chemistry
0.015 moles of a compound are dissolved in 18 fl. oz. of water. At what temperature will the solution begin to freeze? The density of water is 1.00g/mL
February 10, 2013

CaCO3(s)+2HCl(aq)-->CaCl2(aq)+H2O(l)+CO2 (g) How many grams of calcium chloride will be produced when 31g of calcium carbonate are combined with 11 g of HCl? I have 0.3097 moles of CaCO3 and 0.30169 moles of HCl...I get stuck at that point
January 17, 2013

calculate the wavelength in nm of the spectral line produced when an electron in an hydrogen atom undergoes the transition from n=3 to n=2. I get 6.56x10^-7 meters and 6,561.68 nm but that is not the right please!
January 14, 2013

Physical Science Need Help Please!
A light beam has a frequency of 5 x 1015 Hz. What is its wavelength?
November 13, 2012

life is full of choices, so i must learn to make good is a noun choices which other one
September 13, 2012

Another term that means the same thing as "insurance company" is:
June 19, 2012

February 10, 2012

February 10, 2012

What is the amount of water needed to obtain a saturated solution using 27g of barium nitrate? What mass of water is present
January 25, 2012

A picture frame measure 5 inches wide and 7 inches long . What is the perimeter of the frame ? (16-3)
December 14, 2011

How can the number 39 be divided into two parts in order that the sum of 2/3 of one part and 3/4 of the other part is 28? Explain your workings
November 5, 2011

calories given off when 89g of water cools from 44degrees C to 29 degrees C
September 14, 2011

8th grade science
No, loudness has no direction
March 23, 2011

business law
The U C C dose not apply in cases where both parties are merchants. True or False
March 5, 2011

January 28, 2011

1. The young student (noun), who was new to (preposition) the school, wants (verb) to join the debating and (conjunction) fencing clubs, 2. I (pronoun) dream nightly (verb) to play the guitar (noun) in (preposition) the school (adjective) band. 3. The train (noun) that loudly...
January 13, 2011

Write five sentences about the role of education in successful financial planning in the spaces on the following page. Correctly use a different verb tense in each sentence. Highlight each verb in yellow and identify the tense in parentheses. 1. Education "plays" (...
January 6, 2011

If the standard deviation of a population is 56 and we want the standard error (the standard deviation of the sample mean) to be 14, then we need to take how many samples?
December 20, 2010

The average age of a vehicle registered in the U.S. is 8 years, or 96 months. If a random sample of 36 vehicles is selected, find the probability that the mean of their age is between 98 and 100 months. Assume the standard deviation for the population is 15. (sample mean)
December 20, 2010

It has to be C because the others are: a. It is not worth it b. what is hurting you c. what's wrong...
December 20, 2010

5th grade
how to convert improper fraction into mixed number or whole numbers
November 29, 2010

1.In a device like the one shown below, the cylinder is allowed to fall a distance of 300 m. As a result, the temperature of the water increases by 2.7°C. What would have been the increase in temperature if the cylinder were only allowed to fall 100 m
November 6, 2010

5th grade
what are two goals of the system used to classify organisms
August 25, 2010

8th grade physics
1. if you double the distance over which a force moves an object,the work will be multiplied by?? 2.if emily doubles her velocity.her kinetic energy will be? 3.the unit joule is equivalent to?
April 16, 2010

revising these sentences so the subject and verb agree with one another. One of my friends want to attend my graduation ceremony. Seven cats,twomonkeys, and adog plays in the store window.
April 9, 2010

revising sentences to remove these pronouns When a police officer fires his gun, he mustfill out a lot of paperwork. When a teacher writes an exam, they think about what aspects of students learning they want
April 9, 2010

use the variables p for plane and w for wind and the equations: (p+w)x 2hours = 360 miles (p-w)x 2hours = 300 miles divide by 2 p+w=180 p-w=150 combine the two equations so w cancels out 2p = 330 divide by 2 to get the speed of the plane. p=165 put the plane back into the ...
February 24, 2010

Write a sentence of at least 150 words—no substituting semicolons or conjunctions for periods and no stream of consciousness. Include at least one of each of the following: gerund phrase, participial phrase, infinitive phrase, appositive, adjectival prepositional phrase, ...
November 24, 2009

7th grade
how would i put vehicular in a sentence? please help.... it has to be a good sentence to
September 1, 2009

How do you divid whole numbers by decimals? EX: 20/0.5 -decimals in general? Thank you!
June 3, 2009

world news
Is there anywhere I can look for 1: how eastern thought/philosophy affets the eastern nations/culture 2: what our western world is like in relation to eastern culture and how eastern thought is starting to leak into our wesstern culture 3: how the eastern thought in the west ...
April 4, 2009

social studies
Iformation on columbus? what was china called at the time??
November 11, 2008

Colleage Health
3 examples of mission statement for human services orgaization.\ show how each one of the mission statements does or does not meet the requirements o a good mission statement. Determine what other purpose or function the mission statement has. 1050 words.
October 16, 2008

3 Examples of Mission statements or human services organizations. Show how each one of the mission statements does or does not meet the requirements of a good mission statement. Determaine what other purpose or function the mission statement has. 1050 words
October 16, 2008

adult education-English
When you’re directing your letter to a particular person within a company, it’s best to
August 23, 2008

Find the five-number summary of the following set of numbers. 0.16, 0.08, 0.27, 0.20, 0.22, 0.32, 0.25, 0.18, 0.28, 0.27 A) 0.08, 0.18, 0.223, 0.27, 0.32 C) 0.08, 0.18, 0.225, 0.27, 0.28 B) 0.08, 0.18, 0.235, 0.27, 0.32 D) 0.08, 0.16, 0.23, 0.28, 0.32 the answer I am getting ...
May 8, 2008

46. Find the five-number summary of the following set of numbers. 0.16, 0.08, 0.27, 0.20, 0.22, 0.32, 0.25, 0.18, 0.28, 0.27 A) 0.08, 0.18, 0.223, 0.27, 0.32 C) 0.08, 0.18, 0.225, 0.27, 0.28 B) 0.08, 0.18, 0.235, 0.27, 0.32 D) 0.08, 0.16, 0.23, 0.28, 0.32 the answer that i am ...
May 8, 2008

prime #s are # that are only able to be divided by one or itself so for example 3 is a prime # but on the other hand 12 isnt because its able to be didided by 1,2,3,4,6 and 12 and if it was a prime #only 12 and 1 would be able to be divided by it do u get it now?
December 17, 2007

D=c-s/n (for s) Deprecitaion
November 9, 2007

can you give me a poem thatI CAN USE FOR HOMEWORK Certainly, however it may not be so good for whatever you are assigned to do. What about Crossing the Bar by Tennyson?
February 15, 2007

Phys. Science
I have to create a 5-layer density column, using liquids that are not flammable or chemicals, so basically you have to be able to eat or drink it to use it in the column. I only have three layers so far: water, vegetable oil, and corn syrup. Obtain a clear plastic container ...
September 17, 2006

Very interesting. I came across this specific page while trying to find more information regarding testing methods for prejudice. I guess I know where Axia students go for homework help now. Indeed, this question is still the same question, due Friday in week two of the ETH ...
July 20, 2006

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