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A bullet is fired from a rifle that is held 1.06 m above the ground in a horizontal position. The initial speed of the bullet is 1340 m/s. Find (a) the time it takes for the bullet to strike the ground and (b) the horizontal distance traveled by the bullet. I am not really ...
January 29, 2007

The 1994 Winter Olympics included the aerials competition in skiing. In this event skiers speed down a ramp that slopes sharply upward at the end. The sharp upward slope launches them into the air, where they perform acrobatic maneuvers. In the women's competition, the end...
January 29, 2007

physics, physics, physics!!!!!
At a depth of 10.9 km, the Challlenger deep in the Marianas Trench of the Pacific Ocean is the deepest site in any ocean. In 1960, Donald Walsh and Jacques Piccard reached the challenger deep in the bathy scaph trieste. Assuming that sea water has a uniform density of 1024km/m...
January 28, 2007

Is it possible to differentiate (60-x)/1.2? I'm thinking the answer would be 1/0 which is not possible but I just want to make sure. No problem. Just do a little algebra first. f(x)= (60-x)/1.2 = 50 - (5/6) x The derivative is df/dx = -5/6 How did you get 5/6x?
January 12, 2007

what are the answers for 3,11 and 14
January 2, 2007

im trying to calculate cost of debt. where did they get the 50 value from? P0 = $1,080 = $50(PVIFA,R%,46) + $1,000(PVIF,R%,46) 30 year bond, 10% semi annual. 7 years ago it was issued. current selling is 108% face value.
December 14, 2006

Please answer following: 1. The purpose of secondary trading is to provide liquidity and competition between investments. provide a market for securities not handled in primary trading. provide jobs for brokers and dealers. provide lower commissions than on the organized ...
December 11, 2006

Recursive Sequences: find a formula for: 1,1,2,3,5,8,13,21 It looks like the Fibonacci sequence. Take the first two numbers and add them to get the 3rd. take the 2nd and third to get the fourth...etc. yeah, but how would i write that into a formula?
December 6, 2006

Math (Geometry)
Hello everybody, I have been presented with a geometry task. Here is the exact description of the task. "You work for a construction company. One of the clients wants the company to build a 16 food by 20 dance floor. They want the floor to be a moaic pattern made up of ...
December 3, 2006

Fact Familys
What are the 2 fact families for 6,3. 6 3 + 3 and 4 + 2 Now what do you think the families are for 3? ??
November 30, 2006

When the quotient of two numbers is the same as the first factor, what do you know about the second factor? That the second factor will be different? idk... i forgot about that one
November 29, 2006

How much a 2.00 g 239 Pu would have decayed after 1.6 x 10^4 years? The half-life for 239 Pu is 2.4 x 10^4 years. amount remaining= originalamount*(.5)^(1.6/2.4) amount decayed = original - amountremaining
November 26, 2006

Kant thought that the fundamental moral value is
November 26, 2006

Math (matrices)
No one answered my matrix question. Let me rephrase: Let A, B, and 0 be 2x2 matrices. Assuming that A is invertible and 0 is all zeroes, what is the inverse of the matrix [A|0] [B|A] (that is a 4x4 matrix represented as 4 2x2 matrices) The answer is in the form: [A^-1|0 ] [C |...
November 16, 2006

Let A, B, and 0 be 2x2 matrices. Assuming that A is invertible, find a matrix C such that [A^-1|0 ] [C |A^-1] is the inverse of the partitioned matrix [A|0] [B|A]
November 16, 2006

science again last question
Can a chemical characteristic for the element Neon be that it is toxic to the air? thanks agian and thats the last question!! thank you!!! I'd say not. Try the chemical or physical properties listed here: I ...
November 15, 2006

science. Please help!
please help!! What is at least one chemical characteristic on the element Neon? Thank you! From James P.S- thanks again!!!! Thanksssss
November 15, 2006

"In both monopoly and perfect competition the profit maximising output is at the level at which MR = MC, but only in the latter is the optimum output level such that P = MC" Explain the above statement by comparing the model of perfect competition with that of ...
October 29, 2006

Microeconomics :o)
"In both monopoly and perfect competition the profit maximising output is at the level at which MR = MC, but only in the latter is the optimum output level such that P = MC" Explain the above statement by comparing the model of perfect competition with that of ...
October 29, 2006

How do I Find The Domain, Vertical Asymptote, and X- intercept of this logarithmic function: f(x)=6+log base 6 (x-3) HEEEEELLLLPPPP!!!!!!!! What do you need help on?
October 28, 2006

[Data Management] - Probability
I need help with a probability quesition that has been presented in my grade 12 class. I'm really not sure how to go about solving it. "What is the probability of being dealth exactly 3 of a kind in your 5-card poker hand?" Thanks for any help. the probability is...
October 16, 2006

6=7x+x 4=2/3X+9-1/3X Not sure about the question, but it could be to solve for x, like this: 6=8x , then x=6/8 or x=3/4 4-9=(2/3)X - (1/3)X try to finish it...if you need more help, post it again
October 5, 2006

Math - Data Management
It is a grade 12 course, and our current unit is Combitionations. There is on questions where there is a 4 x 4 cubic diagram, like the 1x1 squares on graphing paper but 4x4. The question is to explain how the formula 5C2 x 5C2 gives the answer to how many rectangles (or simply...
October 1, 2006

A dock worker applies a constant horizontal force of 79.0 N to a block of ice on a smooth horizontal floor. The frictional force is negligible. The block starts from rest and moves 11.0 m in the first 6.00 s. What is the mass of the block of ice? *I notice two very common ...
October 1, 2006

Lattice method/math
September 19, 2006

Analysis: Suppose a new law stated that individuals could print their own currency. Consider this and answer the following: - What kind of changes would come about in daily commercial transactions as a result of such a law? - What forms could this private money assume? - What ...
August 5, 2006

Hello I am also an Axia College student. I took that IAT test. I am still looking for different measurements of prjudice.
July 20, 2006

Sarah, you are a hipocrite for even clicking on this site's link! So far nobody that I have read has cheated. Giving help as to where to look for an answer is not cheating. Obviously you did not know where to look either and that is why you are here and even read this far ...
July 20, 2006

Working capital Management Indicate how each of the following six different transactions Dynamic mattress might make would would affect I) cash and II)Networking capital A) Paying out a $2 million cash dividend B) A customer paying a $ 2500 bill resulting from a previous sale...
June 26, 2006

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