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an arrow is shot straight up from a cliff 58.8 meters above the ground with an initial velocity of 49 meters per second a. write an equation that represents this situation b. Transform the equation to the format that can most easily be used to find the maximum height. What is ...

Problem Page First, rewrite 3/10 and 7/25 so that they have a common denominator.

An object with a charge of +2.07e-5 is placed 6.07 m away from an object with a charge of -4.64e-6. Find the magnitude of the electric force.

A new planet has been discovered which has a mass of 4.56 x 10^24 kg, and a radius of 7.09 x 10^6 m. What is the gravitational acceleration near the surface of this planet?

Physical Science 9
It was highly influential to the world of science and it forever changed the way that we look at atoms. Without this research we would basically be in the dark and clueless but thanks to him we have a better understanding of the atomic model today.

If I carry a 27 kg bag horizontally across the floor a distance of 14 m. How much work did the FORCE OF GRAVITY do on the bag?

kevin had fifteen marbles, he lost 1/5 of them how many marbles did he loose?

kevin had fifteen marbles, he lost 1/5 of them how many marbles did he loose?

what was the outcome of the battle in "the charge of the light brigade"

when a truck pulls a trailer the trailer and truck accelerate forward even though the action and reaction forces are the same size but in opposite direction why don't these forces balance each other out

math-what is tops ...2nd grade

6th grade Math

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