March 27, 2017

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did you ever get answer for this ?
January 14, 2007

largest possible area
The largest possible area is therefore A(max)=(1/2)xy =(1/2)[[5/sqrt(2)][5/sqrt(2)]] = (1/2)(25/2)= 25/4 sq cm
November 18, 2006

What controversy was connected to Surface Mining Control and Recovery Act? Check this site for opposition to that act.
October 27, 2006

word unscramble
September 28, 2006

theres no place like home
September 20, 2006

Distributive property
Use the distributive property to remove the parentheses. -(-w-2u+2)
September 20, 2006

So I'm still confused on what's happening here?
September 18, 2006

Physics, Desperate Need of help!
I would assume it's 80x32x26 = 66560cm^3
August 31, 2006

australia's role in united nations
Outline Australia’s positions and responsibilities in the United Nations australia plays a big role :P australia's role in the united Nations was to ..... not much Hey, it would help heaps if you could andwer this question, What is Australia's role in the United ...
August 8, 2006

History, Geography
Outline Australia’s positions and responsibilities in the United Nations
August 8, 2006

What has been Australia’s involvement in UNESCO, UN conventions and international environmental treaties? These sites detail Australia's involvement in these international organizations.
August 8, 2006

MATH - Rational Expressions
HELP PLEASE! I am taking my college placement test tomorrow and am working on the sample test now. I need help with this question about Rational Expressions... For all r (<INSERT>is not equal to sign)+ or - 2 r(squared) - 5r+6 (All Over) r(squared)- 4 I know the answer ...
August 16, 2005

Linear Equation in Two Variables
I have to take a college placement test and am studying the practive test. He is the question . . . What is the equation of the line that contains the points with (x,y) coordinates (-3,7) and (5,-1)? I know that the answer is y=-x+4, but I cannot remember from high school what...
August 2, 2005

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