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You've received an invoice for $3,000 with terms of 3/10, 1/20, n/30. How much will you have to pay if you pay the bill in 12 days?

16/6.09=2.63 10/4.59=2.17 ( the Best buy ) 16/7.09=2.25 12/5.09=2.35

16 people attend party.A party table with,8 chairs on both sides.4 want to sit on one side & 2 want to sit otherside.Find the no of ways this can be arranged.

express the component of a cross product vector C= A x B in terms of Levi civita product vector and the component of a and B, using this relation show that A . ( AxB ) = 0

an amount gets doubled in 15 years with compund intrest.In how many years amount will become 8 times,using the same compund intrest ?

there is a long table having 8 chairs on each side .there are 16 persons who are to be seated for a tea party.4 of them want to sit on a particular side and 2 other want to sit on the other side. in how many ways all the 16 people may be seated for the tea party

In a right triangle given sides are b=1 , c= root 10 ,a=? a= root { 1^2 +(root 10)^2 } = square root of 11 Because 1^2=1 & root 10^2=10

p(x)=2x-2 give different values for x and find p(X).Then x =domain,& p(X)=co domain example if x=1`,then p(X)=2.1 -2=0 x=2. thenP(X)=2.2-2= 2 in this case is domain is 1,2 codomain is 0,2 that is 1 mapped to zero 2 mapped to 2 hope it is clear?

Algebra 1
x^2+8x+12=0 split middle term as X^2+6X+2X=12=0 ----- ----- taking out common factor X(X+6) + 2(X+6) (x+6) (x+2)=0 X=-6;-2

what is meant by-non proportional linear relationship?

X^2+5aX+6a^2 splitting the middle term as X^2+3ax+2aX+6ax^2 ------ --------- take common factor from 2 terms,sequentially as X(X+3a)+2a(X+3a) (X+2a) (X+3a) answer is x=-2a ;X=-3a Question 2: a^2+a-20=0 a^2+5a-4a-20=0 a(a+5)-4(a+5) (a+5) (a-4)=0 or a=-5 ; +4 both are factorise...

y=mx+b first line is y=8x-7 second line is y=2x-7 as m is not same ,that is slope is not same ,lines are not parrellel

paragraph of pros and cons about netville

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