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A weight lifter is raising a barbell of mass 120kg. He does this in two stages. At the end of the first stage he holds the barbell steady at shoulder height. What upward force is each arm exerting?

Strength of materials
Giveto applications of mechanics depends upon strength

Strength of materials
Explain UTM with neat sketch

general knowledge
what is an intelligent skeleton?

give answers
when will u give the answers?

social studies
what is the name of a rock that is not as warm as rocks

general knowledge
name a fuzzy fruit that grows by the seashore

general knowledge
what is the opening in the bottom of a soup dish?

general knowledge
what is intelligent skeleton?

radius=7cm what is the area




there are n arithmetic means between 5 and 32 such that the ratio between the 3rd and 7th means is 7:13,find the value of n.

al mustafa publick school
two planets of masses m and respectively.have a centre to center separation of r.at what distance from the center of the pianet of mass m do the gravitational force of planets cancel each other???

leemos las lecciones completas de puntos de partida?

A dam 15 m high holds the water in reservoir . For safety reasons , the water level is maintained at a height 3 m below the top of the dam. At best of the dam , engineers have installed a vertical door in the shape of an equilateral triangle with sides of length 3 m , calculat...

1. Suppose a certain instructor is interested in determining the average final grade for all students taking STA 205 in any given semester. Suppose she obtains the academic records for 100 former STA 205 students. For this scenario, determine both the population and the sample...

Boyle's law states that if the temperature of a gas remains constant, then PV = c. Where P is the pressure, V is the volume, and c is a constant. Given a quantity of gas at constant temperature, if V is decreasing at a rate of 13 in.^3/s, at what rate is P increasing when ...

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