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(52!)/(5!47!) or 52C5 = 2,598,960 different ways a 5-card hand can be dealt from a deck of 52 cards. (4C1)x(48C4) = the amount containing at most one ace. (5C4)x(47C1) = amount containing cards of all four suits. (not very sure of this answer)

ohw... sorry for that... for clarification, it's: {(c-1)x^2+2cx+c+4<or=0 { cx^2 + 2(c+1)x+(c+1)>or=0

Consider the following system of inequalities: {(c-1)x^2+2cx+c+4<0 { cx^2 + 2(c+1)x+(c+1)>0 The sum of all real values of c, such that the system has a unique solution, can be written as ab, where a and b are coprime positive integers. What is the value of a+b? Details a...

Math!!! can't solve this...
If the expression (x^2+2x−1)^8 is completely expanded, what is the sum of the coefficients of the terms with even powers of x?

Two equally matched teams are playing a game of volleyball. Each team has a 1/2 chance of winning each point. The game ends once one of the teams gets to a score of 21. If the score is currently 18-16 for team A, the probability that team A will win the game can be expressed a...

brilliant says its wrong... 14 is wrong... it meant 2x^2−2xy+y^2=225

so what's the answer? give me the solution..

Have you got the answer?? I'm so confused.. I don't know how to solve

Have you got the answer?? I'm so confused.. I don't know how to solve


Methods of measuring the rate of change? 1. - change in pH? can you explain me plz :)

Organic Chemistry Lab
I'm pretty sure pigments travel further when they are less polar. Since acetone is more polar then the rf values would be less.

Why was Romeo selfish when he was exiled? Be sure you clearly define "selfish" and then decide, based on his motives and actions. =)

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