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A Green light wave is traveling a rate of 3*10^8 m/s and a wavelength of 561 m. How fast would a red wave with a wavelength of 447m travel?

A clinical trial tests a method designed to increase the probability of conceiving a girl. In the study, 449 babies were born, and 250 of them were girls. Use the sample data with .01 significance level to test the claim that with this method, the probability of a baby being a...

What would happen if you ran the same sample of DNA as your first experiment but used different primers?

The simple formula for the nth term of an arithmetic sequence is an = 4n + 16. What is the explicit formula corresponding to the simple formula?

Which of the following methods can be used to construct a pattern of 10 numbers for which it would be mathematically impossible to predict the 11th term? (more then one answer.) A.Make a pattern, starting with 3, where each number is the next digit of pi (3.14159 . . .). B.Mak...

State the surface powers required to produce the following lenses with +6.25D front curves. a. -0.50 DS b. +0.50 DS c. +1.75 DS Is a -6.75DS?....

The diameter of a circle has endpoints P(–10, –2) and Q(4, 6). a.Find the center of the circle. b.Find the radius. If your answer is not an integer, express it in radical form. c.Write an equation for the circle.

the mass of CuSCN precipitate is 1.379g, what is the mass of copper in the precipitate?

a coin is composed of gold and silver. the 5.00g coin is dissolved in nitric acid and the solution treated with NaCl to precipitate out 2.35g of AgCl. Gold chlorides do not precipitate under the same conditions. What is the composition of silver (by mass) in this coin?

its an online coarse.. thanks.

Dont understand ipc at all... As more resistors are added to a series circuit, the current ____ Increases Stays the same Decreases

College Chemistry
The molar heat of reaction, H rxn, for the reaction of Ca(s) + 2H+(aq) Ca2+(aq) + H2(g) is -544.789 kJ/mol and Hrxn, for the reaction of CaO(s) + 2H+(aq) Ca2+(aq) + H2O(l) is -192.42 kJ/mol, the heat of formation of water is -286 kJ/mol, The H ffor CaO(s) is _____ kJ/mol. Than...

No(Did not lie) Yes(lied) positive test result 15(false positive) 42(true positive) negative test result 32(true negative) 9 (false negative) Refer to table and assume that one of the 98 test subjects is randomly selected. Find the probability of selecting a subject with a neg...

group rh+ 39 35 8 4 rh- 6 5 2 1 People with blood type AB and rh+ are considered to be universal recipients. If three of the 100 subjects are selected find the probability they are all universal recipients.

Among 15,378 Delta airline passengers randomly selected, 3 were bumped from a flight against there wishes (based on data from the us dept of transportation) find the probability that a random selected passenger is involuntarily bumped. Is such bumping unusual? Does such bumpi...

A yo-yo has a rotational inertia of 810 g·cm2 and a mass of 95 g. Its axle radius is 2.6 mm and its string is 100 cm long. The yo-yo is thrown so that its its initial speed down the string is 1.0 m/s. (a) How long does the yo-yo take to reach the end of the string? s (b...

What is the difference between the height of the tallest man at 92.95" and the mean height of men at 69.6" and a stanard deviation of 2.8? How many standard deviations is that? Convert tallest man to a z score Does tall mans height meet the criterion of being unusual...

What is the difference between the height of the tallest man at 92.95" and the mean height of me at 69.6" and a stanard deviation of 2.8? How many standard deviations is that? Convert tallest man to a z score Does tall mans height meet the criterion of being unusual ...

A loudspeaker diaphragm is vibrating in simple harmonic motion with a frequency of 430 Hz and a maximum displacement of 0.90 mm. what is the max speed? what is the max acceleration?

math please help!
miguel line sup 5 cups of pop (labelled Cup 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 on a table. sandra then tastes each cup and records "D" if she thinks its diet pop or "R" if she thinks its regular pop. a. how many different ways can the Ds and Rs be recorded if sandra guesses whi...

how would you find total number of moles?

Sulfuric acid reacts with hydrogen iodide to produce sulfur dioxide, iodine and water. a) write total ionic equation b)write net ionic equation

A 31.5 ml aliquot of H2SO4 of an unknown concentration was titration with 0.0134 M NaOH. write the balanced chemical reaction with the correct states of matter.

Consider the solid obtained by rotating the region bounded by the given curves about the line x = 1. y = x, y = 0, x = 4, x = 6 Find the volume V of this solid

It's calculus and it's in my homework.

Consider the solid S described below. A right circular cone with height 7h and base radius 2r Find the volume V of this solid

Mrs R
Probably the beggining and why it started

World History
what are the most important events that happened in the genocide in rwanda?

Brady Corporation is a leader in identification, safety, and material solutions. In 1998, the firm was hit hard by faltering foreign markets, so it embarked upon an aggressive campaign to redesign its cost structure. The firm believes this will help it to enhance future stockh...

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