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a supersatured sugar solution (can/ cannot) be used in a calibration graph. What kind of graph, but probably not since you won't know the degree of supersaturation.

electronic configuration
how do you figure out electronic configuration of excited state? ex: identify atom & write ground state conig. 1s2 2s2 2p6 4s1 Isn't there eleven electrons here? Element number 11 is... 1s23s

L is a straight line in x-y plane. its equation is in the form y-8=m(x-1) determine all points in x-y plane where line L intersects curve y=2x^2 i know that 1,8 is a point on the line. I'm not sure what points the question is looking for here. Without knowing what m is, ev...

jason leaves detroit at 2 pm at a constant speed. he passes ann arbor, 40 mi. from detroit, at 2:50 pm. express the distance traveled in terms of time elapsed. i know d=rt. t=50 min. d=40 mi. does that mean the r= 4/5 mi/min. ? but how would u get the answer from there? I thin...

express distance as a function of time traveled. jason leaves detroit @ 2pm & drives at constant speed west. he passes ann arbor, 40 mi. from detroit at 2:50 pm. i understand that d=rt. but i'm stuck. is this the answer-- d(t)=t/rt ?? You could make a table like this 2pm 0...

is this correct? given: f(x)=x/x+1 find: f(2+h) = f(2) + f(h) = 2/3 + h/h+1 To find f(2+h) replace it into original equation wherever there is x f(2+h)= 2+h/2+h+1 = 2+h/3+h

a wall is 5 m. a ladder is leaning against it, which is 3 m. express the height from the top of the ladder above the ground as a function of how far the foot of the ladder is from the base of the wall. 3^2= base^2+ height^2 base= sqrt (9-height^2)

when expressing domain, what does the parentheses & brackets mean? for example, [0, infinity) The bracket, '[' means the left endpoint is included in the interval and the parentheses, ')' means the right enpoint is not part of the interval. The interval here, [...

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