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What is the value X-4y/2 if x=4 and y=-3

on january 1,1999,the price of gasoline was$1.39 per gallon .if the price of gasoline increased by 0.5%per month ,what was the was the cost of one gallon of gasoline,to the nearest cent,on january 1 one year later?

daniel's print shop purchased a new printer for $35'000.each year it depreciates (loses value ) at a rate 5%.what will its approximate value be at the end of the fourth year? 1)$33,250.00 2)$30,008.13 3)$28,507.72 4)$27,082.33

kathy plans to purchase a car that depreciates (loses value)at a rate of 14%per year initial cost of the car ia $21,000.which equation represents the value,v,of the car after 3 years?

A shopkeeper marks his goods in such a way that after allowing a discount of 25% on the marked price , he still makes a profit of 50%. find the ratio of the C.P. to the M.P.

business studies
we have to prepare model, ppt and file on cotton textile industry. so help us out.

A population of wolves in a county is represetned by the equation p(t)=80(0.98)^t. where t is the number of yers since 1998. predict the number of wolves in the population in the year 2008.

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