March 28, 2017

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Kim throws her basketball up from the ground toward the basketball hoop from a distance of 20 feet away from the hoop. The ball follows a parabolic path and returns back to the gym floor 5 feet from the hoop. Write one possible equation to represent the path of the basketball...
May 30, 2016

What is the value X-4y/2 if x=4 and y=-3
September 12, 2013

on january 1,1999,the price of gasoline was$1.39 per gallon .if the price of gasoline increased by 0.5%per month ,what was the was the cost of one gallon of gasoline,to the nearest cent,on january 1 one year later?
May 23, 2013

daniel's print shop purchased a new printer for $35'000.each year it depreciates (loses value ) at a rate 5%.what will its approximate value be at the end of the fourth year? 1)$33,250.00 2)$30,008.13 3)$28,507.72 4)$27,082.33
May 23, 2013

kathy plans to purchase a car that depreciates (loses value)at a rate of 14%per year initial cost of the car ia $21,000.which equation represents the value,v,of the car after 3 years?
May 23, 2013

A shopkeeper marks his goods in such a way that after allowing a discount of 25% on the marked price , he still makes a profit of 50%. find the ratio of the C.P. to the M.P.
January 2, 2013

business studies
we have to prepare model, ppt and file on cotton textile industry. so help us out.
October 14, 2011

A population of wolves in a county is represetned by the equation p(t)=80(0.98)^t. where t is the number of yers since 1998. predict the number of wolves in the population in the year 2008.
February 4, 2010

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