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7th grade
how do you know when something has energy?

Hi again. I did more studying on testing the hypothesis and tried the problem again. Can you check if it is correct? a) I made Ho=2/3, Ha=otherwise. I did the z test and got z=-0.0508. I think this means that 5.08% of the time, the sample will differ by AT LEAST as much as wha...

For the hypothesis test, if i were to use significance level of .10. Is the two tailed critical z value equal to + or - 1.645? Since z (-0.5873) is smaller than critical z, I said that Ho should not be rejected so 2/3 figure is NOT implausible for kissing behavior. Is this cor...

Hi, I understand that part now and got -0.5873 as the z value. However, I do not know how to find the critical z value for the two-tailed test, and without a given alpha value. Also, if I am correct, this hypothesis corresponds to part b) of the question? Can you give me sugge...

I really need help with this problem. I am not sure what the question is asking and how to approach it! Thanks in advance! Its known that 2/3 of humans have a dominant right foot or eye. Is there also a right-sided dominance in kissing behaviour? In a sample of 124 kissing cou...

how is quartz seen in the make-up of granite?

english language arts
seed folk

The math team in addville travled to subtractville for a math compertition. The bus averaged 40 mph from addville to subtractville but adveraged 60 mph during the return trip. What was the adverage speed of the bus for the entire trip? Thats the story problem i have to solve. ...

1-3 2-4 3-5 4-2 5-1 or it may be this, sorry for not being sure

1-3 2-4 5-1 ??? im not quite sure though

3x + 3y +xy I think that is one of them

please help me :( I also have another question.. do you say "show to" or "show for"?

I'm writing a review and want to say that "xxx is what pushes the story forward" but with a more elegant and correct formulation. English is not my first language so I don't know all the expressions and such but I think that there is a proper expression for t...

1. a 7/20 chance... in percent, 35 % chance 2. 55 %? :S But that sounds almost too easy... 3. I think it does always set in the west, if that's true, the answer is C - 1.

Chemistry/Redox Reactions
An electrochemical cell consists of a nickel metal electrode immersed in a solution with [Ni2+] = 1.0 M separated by a porous disk from an aluminium metal electrode immersed in a solution with [Al3+] = 1.0 M. Sodium hydroxide is added to the aluminium compartment causing Al(OH...

digital electronics
encoder & decoder, k-map

16.b 17.b i don't know #18 19.0 20.c

Health care
the answer d

alexander had some nickles in his bank. he added 3 dimes to the bank and then he had 85 many nickles did he have left? write an equation and work backward to solve.

"There are two ions per formula unit in this compound. The -1 anion has 8 more electrons than the cation." I need to find the Chemical formula/name. Any suggestions on how to start? This can have more than one correct answer.

This should be Range.

Math- Calculus
:3 yep I got there too. It was y=3x+2 I think. It doesn't matter though XD I'll just ask my teacher when I get there

Math- Calculus
Find an equation of the line that is tangent to the graph of f and parallel to the given line Function: f(x) = x^3 Line 3x-y+1 = 0 ._.; I know the derivative of the function is 3x^2 and I do have the answer in the back of my book just need the way to get it..

HOW DO I FIND THA AREA OF A TRIANGLE? 1/2 times the base times the height.

omg this website helped so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Is the airline business considered to be a monopoly or oligolply? it's an oligopoly, I think. If you think about it that's more likely. Good question by the way. Tom is right. Please check these sites for more information. (Broken...

Essay Pointers
Here is an essay i wrote about A Separate Peace. If someone can tell me what needs to be fixed and stuff. By the way, should I use heck in this essay? My friend said it was too... informal

secondhand lions essays
I have to write a typed (doubled spaced)1 page essay on each of the following ... Discuss the scenes where the boy speaks his own opinion what do these scenes tell you about the boy? How did the decisions made for the boy affect the boys life? How does this movie define family...

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