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Type Amount Recycled (%) Amount Recycled (in millions of tons) Paper and Paperboard 52.8 45.9 Yard Trimmings 22.2 19.3 Metals 8.6 7.5 Glass 3.7 3.2 Plastics 3.1 2.7 Wood 2.7 2.3 Food waste 1.6 1.4 Other 5.3 4.6 Date US Population Jul 1, 2012 313.85 million Jul 1, 2011 311.59 m...

1. You want to deliver an article with the most impact and easy reading to the readers; you decide that you need to present the data as percentages. For each of the data statements, though, none of them have percent’s. Convert each statement’s data into a percentage....

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if the area of a rectangle is 27 square inches and one side is 3 inches how many square inches is the other side

An electric motor is tested and found 76% efficient. if the input work is 400 J, what is the motors output work?

7th grade
english: how are you supposed to make a person that bribes people to a character trait

Is president Obama's plan for health care reform socialism or common sense " mixed economy" approach in the economic and political mainstream of America? How would Adam Smith have used the free market to solve our health care problem? What other models exist for ...

Repost physics
thank you damon


Repost physics
Suppose the position of an object is given by ->r(vector) = (3.0t^2*ihat - 6.0t^3*jhat)m. Where t in seconds. Determine its velocity ->v as a function of time t. Determine its acceleration ->a as a function of time t. Determine ->r at time t = 2.5 s. Determine ->...

The bond enthalpy of N2(g) is 418.0 kJ/mol. Calculate ÄH°f for N(g). I figured that if it gave the enthalpy for N2, then the enthalpy for N would be half of the given amount. But that wouldn't be bonded to anything?? Is there a standard calculation?

bio - cell and molec
for what values of delta G would the following reactions have? (no numerical value, just positive or negative) a. ATP -> ADP + P(subscript i) b. ADP + P(subscript i) -> ATP c. Glucose -> Pyruvate d. glocose -> oxygen e. starch -> glucose

NO2(g) → ½N2(g) + O2(g) DH1 = -33.9 kJ NO2(g) → NO(g) + ½O2(g) DH2 = 56.5 kJ What is DH for the reaction ½N2(g) + ½O2(g) → NO(g) ?

college gen chem
A quantity of 16.13 mL of a KOH solution is needed to neutralize 0.4883 g of KHP. What is the concentration (in molarity) of the KOH solution?

i am not sure

i am not sure

social studies/ state goverment
what is the vehicle registration in Minnesota? and what is the driver licensing location in Minnesota?

Romeo and Juliet (English Literature)
1. To what heavenly body does Romeo compare Juliet? Why is this so? 2. What does Juliet mean when she says to Romeo, "tis, but thy name that is my enemy?" 3. How is Romeo let to Juliet's home? 4. Is it difficult for Romeo to win Juliet's love? Why? 5. Why doe...

Air pollution analysis
What are the effect of the following on demand for gas/oil/highways/airpollution? 1. a 900 annual tax on vehicle that gets less than 20 mil/gallon 2. 2000 annual income tax credit for owners of hybrids 3. income tax surcharge that lowers disposabl income to reduce demand for a...

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