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Step 1: Determine amount of dividends that preferred shareholders are entitled to: 5000*100*5% = 25,000 Step 2: Determine amount of earnings left over for common shareholders after the payment of preferred dividends: 105,000-25,000 = 80,000. Step 3: Use the EPS formula to dete...

In a regular polygon,each interior angle doubles its corresponding exterior angle,find the number of side of the polygon?

Physical Science
a=v-u/t where a, is the acceleration,v the final velocity,u the initial velocity and t the time.=a=x ,v=15ms`,u=0 and t=10 therefore from a=u-v/t you have a=15-0/10=1.5ms`2

what is the answer?

12 pounds of A grade coffee and 8 pounds of B grade coffee.

Heat Transfer
A fin 30 cm long & 10mm diameters throughout is made of steel alloy of thermal conductivity 43 W/m-deg. the fin attached to a plane heated wall at 200 deg.C temp. extends into surroundings at 25 deg.C.& Unit surface conductance of 120W/m^2-deg. Workout the heat flow rate from ...

1. what is the function of the menstrual cycle? 2. Trace the path of a sperm from the male body? 3. Examine the two small lungs found on either side of the heart? Describe their size and function?

The length of the fence of a trapezium-shaped field ABCD is 130m and side AB is perpendicular to each of the parallel sides AD and Bc.if BC=54m,CD=19m and AD=42m,find the area of the field.

finite math
Suppose a state lottery prize of $2 million is to be paid in 20 payments of $100,000 each at the end of each of the next 20 years. If money is worth 9%, compounded annually, what is the present value of the prize?

Kwan has modeled a number that is less than 999. His model has twice as many 100-blocks as 10-blocks. It has twice as many 10-blocks as 1-blocks. What is the number?

Propose a method to find the specific heat of sodium which reacts with water Two methods to think about. Use a liquid with which Na doesn't react. OR, use a weighed amount of Na metal to react with water. Measure T of the water before addition of Na and after adding Na. Th...

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