May 25, 2016

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find the constant of proportionality(k) from the equation 2y=108y
April 10, 2016

Life Orientation
February 24, 2016

assuming only glassware was supplied for the original experiment, what would be the procedural change necessary to titrate 25.00mL of commercial bleaching solution.
April 2, 2015

graduated cylinders are not as precisely calibrated as are burets or volumetric pipets. briefly explain why it is acceptable to measure KI and HCl solutions in the titration with graduated cylinders rather than with pipets or burets.
April 1, 2015

If vinegar sample #1 requires 29.05 mL of NaOH solution to reach an endpoint, what volume should be required for samples #2 and #3?
November 2, 2014

a rocket is fire vertically and ascends with constant vertical axceleration of 20 m/s^2 for 1min. its fuel is then all used and it continues to move as a free falling bodyn neglexting rhe variation of g altitude, compute a) the max altitude reached by the rocket and b) the ...
April 28, 2013

physics - stopping distance
when a driver brings a car to a stop by breaki.g as hard as possible the stopping can be regarded as the sum of reaction distance and breaking distance. tje following data are given, v1 m/s contains 10,20,30. reaction distance are 7.5, 15, 22.5. the breaking distance are 5.0, ...
April 25, 2013

February 19, 2013

January 23, 2013

basic college mathematics
find the perimeter of a triaangle with side 12 inches, 9 inches, and 15 inches
April 2, 2012

basic college mathematics
mechanic charges $35.00 an hour plus parts to fix a car, if the parts cost $90,00 dallars and it took 5 hours to do the job, what is the tolal cost of the repair
April 2, 2012

The number of moles of hydrogen gas present in a 1500 mL container at 298 K and 2.0 atm pressure is?
March 18, 2012

if mo bisects pmn and mn = 6 then mo is ?
August 29, 2011

• After solving a system of linear equations, how can you check your answer to determine whether it is correct? Demonstrate the process of checking an answer with an example
June 9, 2011

Solve. 6y-6<5y-3 The solution is {y|y<blank}
May 23, 2011

Translate to an equality. Use the variable x. My salary next year will be at least $22000
May 20, 2011

You owe a relative $448.15. The relative decides to cancel $177.44 of the debt. how much do you owe now?
May 13, 2011

Colonial punishments: what punishments do you think were the most effective in preventing further crimes, and which do you think were merely for revenge and punishment? Explain rationale.
May 2, 2011

i need to write an essay for latin literature. It needs to show what are the similarities and differnces between roman writers and the media of has to compare and contrast the latin writers and today's media including television,radio,the internet,newspapers, ...
January 7, 2011

how to beat your hands using the 4/4, 3/4 and 2/4 technique?
July 24, 2010

need help
Here are five basic threats that contribute to species extinction,all of which can be influenced by our actions/choices. 1. hABITAT 2.iNVASIVE SPECIES 3.Pollution 4.Population 5.Overharvesting How have one are more of these contributed to animal becoming extinct or animals ...
August 11, 2009

10th grade
Carlos invested $10,000. part ot 5% and the rest at 6%. His total annual income from these investments was $575. How nuch did he invest at each rate?
October 21, 2008

CARLOS INVESTED $10,000. part ot 5% and the rest at 6%. His total annual income from these investments was $575. How nuch did he invest at each rate?
October 21, 2008

during what part of "Bernice Bobs Her Hair" does Bernice cut Marjorie's braids? i think it is rising action but i'm not exactly for sure though could you check and see if i am correct or not
December 26, 2007

what makes a good research topic Same answers as yesterday! =)
February 22, 2007

what makes a good research topic A good research topic that i have chosen are the first thanksgiving and i also reasearched things about the pilgrims and the indians. I would choose things maybe about the solar system, Social studies and plants and animals. Good Luck. One more...
February 21, 2007

wich city in the great lake area is busiest for shipping goods A lengthy Google search has produced two answers -- Port of Indiana and Duluth, Minnesota. Depending upon how you define "busiest for shipping goods," either answer may be correct.
January 24, 2007

What obstacles might you encounter on the path to success? Deaths, put downs, bad grades..ect. Geez. What obstacles might you meet if you asked your dad to buy you a new convertible, a Pontiac Sunbird? Is it possible he might say no? What thoughts do you have on obstacles ...
January 3, 2007

create a strategy for remembering how words should be used: For Example, Adapt/Adopt One way to do it is to find other words with the same letters. For instance, adApt means chAnge; adOpt means chOose. Another way is to make up nonsense rhymes. The important thing is that YOU ...
December 21, 2006

Subject-Verb Agreement
Either the interviewer or the committee members usually begins by asking simple questions about your background. First of all, decide what the subject(s) is (are); then you will be able to decide if the verb needs fixing, and how.
December 18, 2006

Sentence Fragments
Richard III supposedly had the young princess murdered. Found out what really happened to them. In order to fix the fragment here, you'll need to leave the first part alone (it's a complete sentence) and fix the second part. It has no subject. Let us know what you come...
December 18, 2006

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