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Stats and Data
It is a simple problem, but if you are not at ease with conditional density functions one soon gets confused. The first thing you need to do is to introduce a second (discrete) random variable, Y, that represents the choice of the machine. So Y can take on values 1 and 2 and o...

A spherical mooring buoy 36cm in diameter with a mass of 43 kg is fastened to a cleat on the top ofthe sea wall by a 50 cm long line, as shown. The force against the sea wall is a. 73N b.87N c. 104N d.116N e. None of these


1.On a test the mean is 75 and the standard deviation is 5. A. What is the probability that a randomly selected score is higher than 80? B. What percentage of the students scored higher than 80? C. What percentage of the scores were less than 68? D. What score separates the to...

the types of plants and animals that live in a particular what depends on the water, soil and amount of sunlight the area receives.

what differences produce a variety of ecosystems?

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