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Evaluate and tabulate the values of y for the value(s) given. y = 2x3, for x = -3, 0, 1, 4 Can someone explain how to set this up? I do not know what the question is wanting me to do.
February 21, 2010

college english
I need to know if there are any grammatical errors in the following rewritten paragraph. Thank you. However, dictionaries are often wrong about this; in fact, by putting one word first, they are supporting a self-fulfilling prophecy. Consider the entry “ax or axe”, ...
February 5, 2010

Health Administration
Bayside insurance offers two health plans. Under plan A, Giselle would have to pay the first $60 of her medical bills, plus 25% of the rest. Under plan B, Giselle would pay the first $250, but only 20% of the rest. For what amount of mediacl bills will plan B save Giselle ...
January 15, 2010

does anyone know who conducted the experiment or a credible description of the experiment that helped prove Einstein's thought experiment: the twin paradox? as in the experiment in which one cesium-beam atomic clock stays on Earth, while another one takes flight and the ...
January 10, 2010

thankyou! i just need one more now and am having a hard time..
January 10, 2010

is anyone aware of evidence (preferably experimental evidence) in support of time dilation. in other words proof that it actually occurs. that is, experiments other than the one of Hafele and Keating. i just need a starting point for some research.. just a name or the title of...
January 10, 2010

Impossible chemistry problem
Kinetics Challenge Problem Consider the following reaction: CH3X + Y → CH3Y + X At 25oC, the following two experiments were run, yielding the following data: Experiment 1 : [Y]0 = 3.0 M [CH3X] Time(hr) 7.08 x 10-3M 1.0 4.52 x 10-3M 1.5 2.23 x 10-3M 2.3 4.76 x 10-4M 4.0 8...
January 8, 2010

Science Projet
January 8, 2010

Would you see the same thin film interference pattern in a film of soap surrounded by air and a film of soap on glass? Why or why not?
January 6, 2010

Would you see the same thin film interference pattern in a film of soap surrounded by air and a film of soap on glass? Why or why not?
January 6, 2010

What up what up what up
December 6, 2009

how to write two differnt word phrases for the expression t 30
December 3, 2009

Thank you very much. I wrote my question incorrectly. It should be the cost of renting buses (plural). Would that be something like 350 times n/60?
December 1, 2009

the total cost for a school bus rental is 350$/day. Each bus holds 60 students. Find the cost (c) of renting the school bus as a function of the number of students going on a trip (n). My answer: I have come up with relating the 350$ to n/60 but i am stuck on where to go from ...
December 1, 2009

Please someone help me I'm desperate!!!! Two steel guitar strings have the same length. String A has a diameter of 0.59 mm and is under 420.0 N of tension. String B has a diameter of 1.3 mm and is under a tension of 840.0N . Find the ratio of the wave speeds,VA/VB , in ...
November 20, 2009

A spring has k = 88 N/m. Use a graph to determine the work needed to stretch it from x = 3.6 cm to x = 5.6 cm, where x is the displacement from its unstretched length.
November 17, 2009

Hi I'm kinda new here, and hope someone can please help me out. A person exerts a tangential force of 38.1 N on the rim of a disk-shaped merry-go-round of radius 2.74 m and mass 207 kg. If the merry-go-round starts at rest, what is its angular speed after the person has ...
November 12, 2009

your wrong
November 9, 2009

November 1, 2009

ok what i like to do is list what i know. the elastic cord stretches from 28m to (36-4)m so x=36-4-28=4m m=680N h1=36 h2=4m the question is asking for k ok lets start mgh1 = mgh2 + .5kx^2 .5kx^2 = mg(h1-h2) k = 2mg(h1-h2)/x^2 k=2720
October 12, 2009

Wow. I WAS going to register and ask for some help myself due to the lack of comprehension in my readings, but I would not want MS SUE discouraging my needs.... Good luck with that MS SUE.
September 29, 2009

Determine the x-intercepts for y = x^3 + 4x^2 - 4x - 16 and for y = 2x^4 - 5x^2
September 18, 2009

Solve 0 = 3x - 4
July 15, 2009

language arts
For the second question the answer is: coup and cup
May 6, 2009

How many conflicts are there in the schedule Sa: r1(Y); r2(Y); w1(Y); r1(Z); w2(Y); w1(Z)
April 21, 2009

22. Which one of the following schedules has a conflict? A) Sa: r1(X); r1(Y); r2(Z); r1(Z); w1(X); w1(Z) B) Sb: r1(X); r2(X); r1(X); r1(Y); r2(X); w1(Y) C) Sc: r1(Z); r2(X); w1(Z); r1(Y); w1(Z); w2(X) D) both a and b
April 21, 2009

1- wave velocity is related to a- period b-wavelength c-amplitude d-all of these 2- wave amplitude is related to a- wave velocity b- frequency c- energy d-wave length 3-which of the following radiation has te smallest frequency? a- infrared b- visible c- ultraviolet d-x-rays 4...
April 14, 2009

how can you find the length of a line of a isosceles trapezoid?
April 10, 2009

Samuel has read 5/6 of his assignment. Judy has read 10/12 of her assignment. Who has read more?
March 9, 2009

Social Science
Can someone summarize E.K. Hunt's "The Conflict in Mercantalist Thought" briefly? Im not sure I understand the piece.
February 10, 2009

define: a powerful government leader
January 14, 2009

Round the number 23.5724 to two decimal places
January 10, 2009

Intermediate Accounting
Python Company leased equipment from Hope Leasing on January 1, 2006. Hope purchased the equipment at a cost of $232,666. Other information: Lease term 3 years Annual payments $90,000 on January 1 each year Life of asset 3 years Fair value of asset $232,666 Implicit interest ...
November 29, 2008

4th grade
210 kids in class. one out of 7 in left handed the rest in right handed. how many are right handed.
November 12, 2008

Find an equation of the tangent line to the curve at the given point. y = 3x^2 - x^3, (1,2)
October 14, 2008

THe equation of motion of a particle is s = t^3 - 3t, where s is in meters and t is in seconds. Find (a) the velocity and acceleration as functions of t (b) the acceleration after 2 s, and (c) the acceleration when the velocity is 0
October 14, 2008

how do u get the answer? A nurse has to record her temperatures in Celsius but her thermometer reads Fahrenheit. A patient's temperature is 100.7° F. What is the temperature in °C
September 11, 2008

If 8x + 5x + 2x + 4x = 114, the 5x + 3 =
September 11, 2008

Employees of a discount appliance store receive an additional 20% off of the lowest price on an item. If an employee purchases a dishwasher during a 15% off sale, how much will he pay if the dishwasher originally cost $450?
September 11, 2008

The sales price of a car is $12,590, which is 20% off the original price. What is the original price?
September 11, 2008

If Sally can paint a house in 4 hours, and John can paint the same house in 6 hour, how long will it take for both of them to paint the house together?
September 11, 2008

If Lynn can type a page in p minutes, what piece of the page can she do in 5 minutes?
September 11, 2008

you need 39% correct out of a %100 tesy how many would u need right
September 10, 2008

finance (risk premium)
The correct answer is "C"
July 25, 2008

Research Writing
What strategies does an author use to formulate an argument?
July 8, 2008

June 19, 2008

journal assignment
how many liters of a 10%solution of acid should be added to 20 liters of 60%solution of acid to obtain a 50%solution?
June 2, 2008

what kind of galaxy is the milky way?
May 20, 2008

we have been asked to prove that it is possible to determine the value of a surd using either similar figures or Pythagoreans theorem. we have been shown how to construct the surd using a compass and ruler. but we now have to prove that our method is correct. we know that (...
April 23, 2008

A geologist stands on the shore of a lake in Ontario with a theodolite and finds that the angle of inclination to the top of a distant rock pillar is 28.5 degrees. He then walks 10 m along the shore at a 90 degree angle to his measurment, and finds that the angle to the same ...
April 16, 2008

English - Critique Essay Please
Thanks for the ideas, yoink!
March 26, 2008

ii.The top of Mt McKinley (20,430 feet above sea level) My Answer: w = 99.96 pounds 2. The equation D=1.2(sqrt)h which should read D equals 1.2 square root of h gives the distance, D, in miles that a person can see to the horizon from a height, h, in feet. a. Solve this ...
March 1, 2008

ii. The top of Mt McKinley (20,430 feet above sea level) My Answer: w = 99.96 pounds 2. The equation D=1.2(sqrt)h which should read D equals 1.2 square root of h gives the distance, D, in miles that a person can see to the horizon from a height, h, in feet. a. Solve this ...
March 1, 2008

You may have to convert from feet to miles several times in this assignment. You can use 1 mile = 5,280 feet for your conversions. 1.Many people know that the weight of an object varies on different planets, but did you know that the weight of an object on earth also varies ...
March 1, 2008

what is the next number in the pattern 6,38,932,1087,12437
February 14, 2008

6x-10>2x+6 4x-10>6 4x>16 x>4
February 14, 2008

If the sum of the ages were unique, then the mathematician would have been able to solve it after the second piece of information...
September 21, 2007

A uniform electric field of 500. V/m is directed in the negative x direction. A +15ìC charge moves from the origin to the point (x,y) = (20.0 cm, 50.0 cm). (a) what was the change in the potential energy of this charge? (b) Through what potential difference did the ...
September 8, 2007

Can anyone help me with Genetics? I have some problems and answers and need them explained to me. Here are some of the questions and answers: 1. Assume that a dihybrid cross is made in which the genes' loci are autosomal, independantly assorting, and incompletely dominant...
September 8, 2007

thanks Iblis
September 8, 2007

lim as x approaches 0 of (3 sin 4x) / sin 3x
September 8, 2007

search: "graphing" on google
September 8, 2007

the words are in alphabetical order eight, five, four, ....
September 7, 2007

Math- Best Buy
In comparing prices of canned peaches, Darren finds that a 10-oz can costs 98 cents, a 16-oz can costs $1.49, and a 24-oz can costs $2.35. Which is the best buy? My Guess: 10-oz*2.4=24-oz 2.4*$.98=$2.35 16-oz*1.5=24-oz 1.5*$1.49=$2.24 24-oz=$2.35 Best Buy- 16-oz for $1.49In ...
July 2, 2007

World History
Hi, I am preparing a presentation on Argentina- 20th century history which covers the country economically, socially and politically. Are there any websites that may help me with the social history of Argentina during the 20th century? Thanks
May 20, 2007

Growing salt crystals
Epsom salts, rock salt as seeds, and iododized salt and alum
April 24, 2007

Math-related rates
A lamp post is 6m tall. Frank is 1.6 m and walks toward the post at .5m/s. How fast is the tip of his shadow moving when he is 8 m from the pole?
April 16, 2007

substances that are gases at room temperature The list of gases is too long to present here. Among the pure elements, the only ones are H2, He, F2, Cl2, Ne, Ar, Kr, Xe and Rn We can add O2 and N2 to the list of elements that are gases at room T. Yes, my mistake. Thanks, Bob
March 16, 2007

Physics help
In Millikan's experiment, an oil drop of radius 1.516 µm and density 0.860 g/cm3 is suspended in chamber C (Figure 22-14) when a downward-pointing electric field of 1.92 105 N/C is applied. Find the charge on the drop, in terms of e. (Include the sign.) Calulate the ...
February 15, 2007

Physics help----------thanks
A charged cloud system produces an electric field in the air near the Earth's surface. A particle of charge -2.2 10-9 C is acted on by a downward electrostatic force of 3.0 10-6 N when placed in this field. (c) What is the magnitude of the gravitational force Fg on the ...
February 15, 2007

Hypothetical Economy: -Money Supply= $200 billion -Quantity of money demanded for transactions=$150 Billion -Quantity of money demanded as an asset=$10 billion at 12% interest -increaseing by $10 billion for each 2 percentage point fall in the interest rate. A. What is the ...
January 29, 2007

math plz help!!!!!!
What do angles, acute angles, and complementary angles have in common??? they are all angles duh! my teacher said that that's too obvious Please check your book for the similarities. This site also has several explanations about the similarities. (Broken Link Removed)
January 18, 2007

Fortune magazine publishes an annual issue containing info on Fortune 500 companies. The following data show the six states with the largest number of Fortune 500 companies as well as the number of companies headquartered in those states. State # of Companies New York 56 ...
January 18, 2007

what is the role of rhetoric in influencing people's attitudes and beleifs? Thank you for using the Jiskha Homework Help Forum. Let me quote from the volunteer that answered one of your questions already. She wrote this answer for someone else on October 3rd. * RHETORIC - ...
December 19, 2006

Physical Education
I just want to know what different branched there are in taking a major in physical education. I know you can go into teaching, athletic training, but I want to know if there are any other areas. Physical tharapy, Sports Medicine, Phisiology of astronauts
December 2, 2006

What is the annual rate of return on an investment in a common stock that cost $40.50 if the current dividend is $1.50 and the growth in the value of the shares and the divedend is 8%. 1.50% (1.04)/40.50 = 3.85% is the dividend yield averaged over one year, relative to the ...
November 15, 2006

Ethics help needed
It's not this generation that got us into this problem. Is it??? Children are taught from their elders. People need to blame only their selves.
October 24, 2006

Convert 512 ft to km. Anyone know how to do this, please? There are 3281 feet/km. In order to get it in km, you have to divide... 512/3281 = Thank you! yo this is fo reak dawg 512ft(1km/3218ft) ft cancel eachother out n u are left with km .15605km something like that...check ...
October 22, 2006

The way Cowley uses the phrase "my own country" is an example of
July 3, 2006

facial hair
hi i know this isnt a homework question but i dont know where else to turn, and ive gotten help here before anyway the facial hair on the right side of my face grows a little faster than on my left side. is this normal? Yes, it is normal, and common.
August 24, 2005

Thank you Mrs sue for answering me at last
June 13, 2005

1) A null Hypothesis assumes that a process is producing no more than a maximum allowable rate of defective items. The Type II error is to conclude that the process? 2) If 95% confidence limits for the mean Mu turn out to be (6.5,8.5)
June 13, 2005

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