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Aarthi borrowed $18,500 at 5%p.a from her father tostart her software business. at the end of 3 months she paid him $5,000 and $6,000 at the end of 8 months. how much would she have to pay him at the end of 16 months to clear the balance? pleas answer!

Monica was collecting quarters and nickels in a jar. She kept track of the total value of the coins, as well as, how many coins were actually in the jar. However, she forgot specifically to track how many of each coin there is in the jar. If the total value of all the coins is...

7th grade science fair project

"the exhilarating ripple of her voice was a wild tonic in the rain" the great gatsby, f. scott fitzgerald. what does this quote mean

Prayer Request
Urgent --- Pray and Intercede for Juan A's & Family - Salvation - Murder & Freedom from Demonic Possession & Suicide Spirit Please pray for my nephew Juan A (Juanny, 26 yrs), unsaved, who committed a brutal murder (hate crime), three weapons charges, and he may be also acc...

social studies ABC california book
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social studies ABC california book
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