July 26, 2014

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college physics
mass m = 55 kg Distance from one floor to the next h =3.5 m (a). Potential energy in her office P= mg * 0 = 0 J Since her office as the zero potential energy (b). Potential energy on the 59 th floor = mg ( 59 th floor -33 floor ) = mg * 26 floors = mg * 26 h = 55*9.8 * 26 * 3....

college physics
the equation used here i believe is K=1/2lw^2 k=KE due to rotation l=moment of inertia about rotation axis w=angular velocity l=2/5mr^2 m=mass of sphere r=radius of earth you have to look up all these numbers i believe i found the mass of the earth to be: 5.97*10^24kg and the ...

college physics
Given:a = 0.93g you have to find the radius of the earth which is 6.37*10^6m R = REarth+ 250km =6.62v 106 m v=2*pi*r/T a=v^2/R=(2*pi*R/T)^2=4*pi^2R/T T=sqrt(4*pi^2*R/a T=sqrt((4*pi^2)(6.62*10^6m) / (.93)(9.8m/s^2) =5355s =89min

college physics
mg=m*v^2/r Vmin=sqrt(g*r)= sqrt(9.8*10) =9.9m/s

college physics
how soon does she reach tarzan 1/2T=1/2*2*pi*sqrt(L/g) =pi*sqrt(25m/9.8m/s)=5.0s the rest i'm still working on

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