May 30, 2015

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Let f x   coth x . Use the Graph software posted in Moodle to do the following: (a) Graph f x  . (b) Graph the tangent and normal lines to the graph of f x  at x 1. (c) Graph f x  . (d) ...
April 19, 2014

If a student desires to produce three times larger and an erect image from a double convex lens with focal length of 15 cm ,then he should place the object from the lens at ;
July 21, 2012

1\ Acar is moving with acceleration 200 m in 50 sec reached to velocity 10 m\sec .what the total distance the car moved in 60 sec
July 7, 2012

Amotorcycle slowed down to rest from avelocity of 10m\sec whiletraveling 30m what is its average acceleration
June 18, 2012

Change the sentences,replacing the phrase people who are..with an adjective used as an noun. 1-People who are uneducated have a hard time catching up.
September 20, 2011

acids and alkalis
please tell me how many alkalias are there please i need it fo tomorrow or else i will get detention plzplz i love you and marry you if u tell me da answer plz i beg u reply back plz
November 4, 2006

acids and alkalis
i can help by being ruddee!! ok bring it onnn!!!!
November 4, 2006

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