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how do chromosomes determine sex a family has four children, two girls, and two boys. one girl and one boy are color blind. are their parents color blind name at least three traits that are a results of polygenic inheritance weight, eye clor, height (right) what possible genot...

Sandy Hook shooting report paper
Oky, I understand. Thank you.

Sandy Hook shooting report paper
I am writing a paper for my school blog about the Sandy Hook shooting in Connecticut. I was wanting any thoughts and all of that stuff. There were many people killed; the shooter, 20 kids, 6 teachers, and his mother. What is your opinion, thoughts, feelings, etc.? Thank you so...

Algebra Grade 7
oh thanks

Algebra Grade 7
so its 1/16?

Algebra Grade 7
Mr and Mrs Chen have three children. suppose the chance of having wither a boy or girl is 50%. what is the probability of having two boys and one girl? 2/9? a survey with 104 responses asked what is your favorite winter activity the results are listed in tabel if 500 ppl had r...

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