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how do i find the inverse of f(x)= (3x+7)/(x-2)
July 30, 2008

Where does clay come from?
April 17, 2008

x(squared)+8x+17 if x < or = -4 Let f(x)= 2 if x= -4 -x(squared)-8x-15 if x > -4 Show that f(x) has a removable discontinuity at x=–4 and determine what value for f(–4) would make f(x) continuous at x=–4. Must redefine f(–4)=____
April 15, 2008

so Fe did that... im getting confused because i to oxidize means to lose electrons that makes it more positive and then reduction is actually the addition of electrons
April 15, 2008

What is the limit as x approaches -1 of x - 5 --------------------- 4x(squared)-6x+ 3
April 15, 2008

Calculus- limits
never mind it was 12
April 15, 2008

Calculus- limits
f(x) = x + 7 if x < or equal to 5 F(x) = 7 if x >5 what is the limit as x is approaching 5 from the left side????? I know that the limit as x approaches to 2 does not exist and that the limit as x is approaching 5 from the right side is 7
April 15, 2008

US history
1. Which of the following justifications was not one of the proslavery arguments? a. Slavery offered a secure and certain life for slaves. b. Slavery involved only a very small number of slaves. c. Slavery assured an adequate labor supply for planters. d. Slavery influenced ...
December 29, 2007

magnets attrac each other
November 6, 2007

Question on study guide that i don't get. Bill O’Really of OX News observed that poultry (chicken and turkey) consumption in the US increased dramatically over the 2000 to 2006 period. This he discovered was due to the fact that consumers, being more health conscious...
September 4, 2007

Macro Econ
Which of the following argues in favor of using Gross Domestic Product as a measure of economic well-being?
July 24, 2007

Simplify the given expression........? (2sin2x)(cos6x) sin 2x and cos 6x can be expressed as a series of terms that involve sin x or cos x only, but the end result is not a simplification. sin 2x = 2 sinx cosx cos 6x = 32 cos^6 x -48 cos^4 x + 18 cos^2 x - 1 I assume you are ...
May 17, 2007

find all solutions in interval [0,2pi] tan²x = -3/2 secx This question may look tricky, but its actually quite simple. First: rearrange the pythagorean identity tan²x+1=sin²x so that it reads tan²x=sin²x-1 Then replace the tan²x in the original ...
May 16, 2007

Find the EXACT VALUE of csc(-11pi/12) If that angle is in radians, it is easy. A full circle has 2PI radians...or 360 deg so 22PI/24 is the same as 22*15 deg, or -30 deg. The 30 deg triangle is well known. The sin is 1/2, so the csc is 2 Figure out the sign of the csc from ...
May 16, 2007

given two containers, one holding 4 gal. and the other holding 3 gal. how does one measure out two gal.? Fill the 3 gal, pour it in the 4 gal. Fill the 3 gal, then pout it int the 4 gal until filled. How much is left in the 3 gal? thank you bobpursley!!!!!!!!!!!
April 26, 2007

1. Present Values. Compute the present value of a $100 cash flow for the following combinations of discount rates and times. a. r = 8 percent. t = 10 years b. r = 8 percent. t = 20 years c. r = 4 percent. t = 10 years d. r = 4 percent. t = 20 years 2. Future Values: Compute ...
March 19, 2007

help me pls.. How the puritans were different from the people of the Revolutionary period? WHo coined the phrase "There are many times that try men's souls"? Who felt God was on the colonists' side and would help them win the war? the choices fo WHO questions...
December 14, 2006

i've just read "The Crisis" and i can't answer the questions.. i don tget it... 1. Which passages in the excerpt of "The Crisis" no. 1 were especially stirring? 2. The phamplet opens with two famous images. What kinds of people does paine identify ...
December 3, 2006

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